How to Avoid Early Onset Career Burnout

26 Jun

You may think you’re too young to hit the career burnout phase that many seem to hit later on in their lives, but the truth is that given the right circumstances we can all be hit by a potentially heavy case of it. By knowing and treating the symptoms of career burnout we can advantage ourselves with the ability to find freedom within our jobs, ease in spotting opportunities that benefit our job satisfaction, savings because of knowing what investments are worth making for ourselves and of course better living through lack of stress. Sound too good to be true? Well career burnout has many causes and few cures so it’s not as easy as we would all like it to be, but it’s also not impossible to dodge the burnout bullet.

Know Thyself

Firstly you need to know who you are genuinely and stop listening to the advice of close ones who may have the best of intentions for you but fail to comprehend who you are. For example if you’re up for a great promotion in a job that you don’t enjoy, they would very easily encourage you to take it without realising it might make you miserable to be stuck in for the foreseeable future. Treatment for career burnout includes getting out of situations where the situation is most likely to occur; if you’re unhappy now imagine where you’ll be when the stress is piled on. Hard work doing something you love is passion but hard work doing something you don’t is just stress.

Never Stop Learning

It’s a normal stage of life and we all do it, but we shouldn’t ever consider our diplomas or degrees to be the deciding factor on the rest of our lives. Career burnout syndrome is most apparent when we feel as if we are stagnating and sticking to one skill set for the rest of our lives will do that quicker than you realise. While we do need to bring home the bread, expand your skill set in your own time and always be hungry for new knowledge. So while it’s great that you have that qualification you should neither rely only on it for the rest of your life and you should never think you’re done learning.

The Power to Change is Yours

One might attribute the definition of a career burnout to the factor that it is simply one career that eventually breaks down like an old car that was once shiny and new. With this in mind, we should always remember that at any time we find ourselves unhappy that doing something about it is not impossible. In fact we have the power and ability to reinvent ourselves anytime we want. Preparedness for this is key because it’s easy to become a slave to the wage, but with a bit of saving we can be financial free for a transition into a new career; one that’s still shiny and new, at least to us. The best recovery for a career burnout is to change things up and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we can change our entire careers should we need to. These are three things that can go a long way to help us realise that career burnout is not a threat because we have the power to put on the brakes and change things up anytime we truly want.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and career consultant at office space London; he enjoys sharing facets of wisdom for those on the lookout.


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