The Most Effective Time Management Tips You’ll Ever Find

12 Jul

When you’re a college student, being able to manage your time can mean the difference between success and failure. These tips, many of which seem to fly in the face of logic, can help you reduce your stress and manage your time effectively so the important things get done every day.

Take Charge of Your Schedule

One of my favorite professors once said “If you don’t take charge of your schedule, then your schedule is in charge of you.”

We’ve all had times when our days seemed to be governed by one crisis after another, but that should be the exception rather than the norm.

Before you go to bed each night, take a look at the next day’s schedule. Set aside time for the important things, the things that matter most to you. Sure, unexpected events may crop up, and when they do, you’ll deal with them — but once you’ve put out the fire, you can get right back on track to the schedule you’ve set.

Be Realistic

Figure out how much time it takes you to accomplish a certain task, like reading 10 pages out of a textbook or writing a five-page paper. Keep these findings in mind when you are deciding what to do with your day.

Most people, for instance, can’t dash off a 10-page term paper in half an hour or read a complex, technical document in 15 minutes. If you don’t allot enough time for each of your daily activities, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t Multitask

Multitasking used to be considered the great time management skill. That was before researchers discovered people who were high on marijuana actually performed better on an assignment than people who were trying to switch back and forth between three different tasks.

It’s probably okay to walk and chew gum, but other than that, focus your attention on just one thing, do it and move on to something else.

Take Regular Breaks

Brick-and-mortar universities have breaks built into their schedules when the bell rings, and students have 15 or 20 minutes to get to the next class. Programs that offer online college degrees don’t have such clear break periods. If you’re taking several online classes, it’s possible to work for hours without stopping. It’s also a bad idea.

The brain, like a muscle, gets tired if you demand too much of it. Tired brains are responsible for foolish mistakes as well as errors in judgment. For every hour of studying, set aside 10 to 15 minutes to do something completely different. Put in a load of laundry, wash the breakfast dishes, take the dog for a walk or treat yourself to a few minutes of your favorite magazine.

With a little practice, you can develop time management skills that will help you get through any type of class setting.

CJ contributed this guest post. Passionate about self-improvement, he frequently blogs about time management and how it can factor into online college degrees.


3 responses to “The Most Effective Time Management Tips You’ll Ever Find

  1. Jeff

    October 18, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Great post, Stephen I absolutely agree that taking regular breaks is a great way to help you manage time effectively. It will help you relax a bit and regain sanity. When you’re tired don’t push yourself too hard to fight it because it will not also make you productive instead you should take a break. Like if you feel sleepy for instance you should take a break and do some stretching it help you make feel better. Be realistic when working on tasks is also a great way to manage time, which helps you limit wasted time and get more things done. At work I also manage time and each time I do tasks I set an estimated achievable amount of time using this tool Time Doctor. This tool tracks time accurately on exactly where I spend time and gives me analytics of my work day that allows me to eliminate less productive activities and improve productivity.


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