Interior Space Planning For Your Office

16 Jul

From desks to coat hangers, it is highly important to ensure that each item of furniture in your office is placed appropriately. Not only so your office looks great for any potential clients but also so that your workforce can work efficiently.

Appropriate office furniture looks professional; it puts employees in work mode, and boosts productivity which in turn boosts profits it also shows customers that you are running a professional business. Here are more reasons why interior space planning for your office is important.

Office furniture

Office workers often complain of bad backs and strain injuries, therefore having the right type of furniture in your office is highly important. The most comfortable looking chairs can often be the ones that cause bad posture; something that results is repetitive strain injuries.

While it’s wise to choose office furniture that is stylish it is also important to take the functionality into consideration. Mesh office chairs are comfortable and lightweight so make for great office furniture.

Staff room

If you supply a staff break room it is important to make the design different from the office area. This is so that employees can distinguish between a rest break and work time. Also ensure that the furniture in the staff room is comfortable. This is so employees can return to their des feeling refreshed and ready to work again.

First impressions

The first impressions of your company are the difference between them purchasing your goods or services or taking their custom elsewhere. Show visitors that you mean business and you are professionals. If your office space is a mess then your visitors will take note of this and will see it as tough you have an unorganised work force.

Eliminate hazards

When it comes to interior space planning one of the main concerns you should have is safety. It is important to eliminate hazards such as wires running along the floor. It is also highly important not the block fire exits. Blocked fire exits are also in breach of health and safety regulations.


For nearly all office based businesses storage is highly important. Make sure you work sufficient storage facilities into your planning ideas. Under desk storage is a great way to organise employees and clear up desk space.

When choosing storage think about usability. You will need to locate files quickly whenever they are needed; have labelled folders in organised cupboards for maximum efficiency.

Jade works on behalf of coming up with efficient interior space planning for offices.


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One response to “Interior Space Planning For Your Office

  1. Tina

    March 30, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    Having your office furniture planned and arranged well can make all the difference in the world in how your office feels and flows


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