Olympic London has lost the plot – well it was always going to happen…

18 Jul


I’m trying not to become a GB (Games Bore) but this I could not resist. London Olympians are being treated to ‘Olympic Lanes’ – dedicated traffic lanes only officials and athletes can use when driving to and from events.

Like it isn’t hard enough to get round the Capital anyway! However the chaps and chapesses that have come up with this amazing logistical solution seem to have cut a few corners:

As usual the Daily Mail picked this little tidbit up pretty quick.

Where the hell is the average driver going to go (the lane for normal traffic is the bit in the middle)? Down the left? Can’t its a Bus Lane (£130 fine). Down the right? Can’t – will crash into oncoming traffic. Down the centre lane? Can’t its the Olympic Lane – £130 fine.

But its okay – what you do is just keep driving and as you reach the point at which the two dashed lines converge you are transported via a portal to your destination. Apparently.

Its quite fun – up until a week ago all preparations for the Games have gone according to plan and the media has been quite disappointed – no disasters, no cock-ups. But now with a week to go the security firm has admitted its security staff don’t exist and chaos is building on the roads.

Bring it on!


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