Advertising Outdoors

27 Jul

How do you create great outdoor advertising? What separates an advert which passers-by recall despite only seeing for a matter of seconds from an advert which a passer-by claims to have never seen before, despite the fact the advert has been plastered on a 20m square board?
A large number of things separate these actually.
The most important thing to remember is that generally people who are outdoors don’t want to be marketed to so may be in a mode which is specifically set to ignore everything whilst they are getting from A to B. Therefore getting their attention is vital and the main aim. There are a number of ways to grab their attention and the most obvious way is creativity. If someone spots something which they believe to be creative, often this is their very first thought regardless of what it might be representing. Half the battle is getting the attention of passers-by so if you’re outdoor advert has a level of creativity which stops public dead in their tracks and draws a protracted “Ooooooh” from their mouth, well you may just be on for a winner. You may have seen a fair few examples of these “Ooooooh” adverts, namely the Kit Kat bench advert and the Cadbury’s half-eaten billboard. If you haven’t seen them, have a search online.
Another important factor to remember is the limited time which a passer-by might have to fully absorb the information from the advert. If your advert contains around three paragraphs of text but is next to a road where drivers will have approached, been in-line with and passed the advert within a matter of five seconds, there is a very high chance that they did not read any of your three carefully worded paragraphs. Generally, less is best, although this is not always the case in certain situations.
Like with any advertising campaign, you need to make sure that you carefully plan out the delivery and execution of your advert. You can create an outdoor advert to the likes of which the world has never ever seen before, but if it’s sat on a side street which receives no traffic it is definitely a  wasted effort. Outdoor advertising allows for masses amount of creativity and you can create campaigns that are truly memorable, as long as careful consideration is given to the unique set of circumstances which comes as part of the package with advertising outdoors.

Justin Peach has a keen interest on Advertising outdoors. He often write on behalf of Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd


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One response to “Advertising Outdoors

  1. bill

    February 27, 2013 at 10:58 am

    You bring up a very good point about the short amount of time you have to grab someone’s attention as they are driving by. Keeping advertisements simple and highly readable from a distance is key.


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