Practical Facts About Facebook and Twitter

01 Aug


Knowing how the Facebook and Twitter audience behaves, when they check their posts, where they update their information (via mobile or laptop?) and what they like, provides invaluable information to help you cater your posts towards your market.

We have some interesting data to share with you, gathered from the latest studies regarding these two giant social media communities.

How Many Are On Facebook and Twitter?

Together, Facebook and Twitter have more than 1 billion users. While there may be duplication (some have both a Twitter and Facebook account), the number is still impressive. Facebook is responsible for over 800 million while Twitter covers more than 100 million users.

For Facebook, here are some interesting facts:

United States of America accounts for just over 50% of the Facebook population

-Over 40% of Facebook users login to their accounts on a daily basis

– 30% of Facebook users check their accounts via their mobile devices

– At least 40% of the Facebook population is a fan of at least one brand and more than 50% of them will purchase that product Over at Twitter world, we have the following stats:

– Only 27% of the Twitter population go online every day, note that this includes branded accounts that post on a daily basis

– But a nice 37% of the total Twitter population check their accounts via mobile (a slight increase from the Facebook side)

– More than half of those that login daily will update their status for that day, so there’s a high response or reaction rate for those who are logging in daily.

How Are Their Spending Habits Online?

In both cases, more than half of the Facebook and Twitter users who have at least one product in their following list will purchase that brand. Although this does not mean that they will buy it online, there is a strong connection to their purchasing power and their social media affiliation.

The more enticing photos you post, the more likely they will want to get to know your product and the more likely they will make a purchase, whether offline or online. It would help if you have an online store to link to, so that it will be a very user friendly browsing and shopping experience for them.

Who Are You Talking To Via Facebook?

If you want to get to know your fans and friends on Facebook, note that this is the demographic of the users today:

– A big bulk of Facebook users are within the 18 to 34 age group, with almost 30% within the 18 to 25 years range.

– Gender is almost evenly split into two – 56% are female.

– Half of the Facebook population belongs to the mid-range income range.

But don’t despair if your product is high end since brand recognition is still important. Plus, once in a while, those in the mid range income bracket splurge on items.

Who Are You Talking To Via Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, this is who you are talking to:

– Gender split is almost even, too, with 52% female population

– The income bracket is slightly lower than Facebook

These simple facts will give you a better understanding of your audience and more of an idea to direct your campaigns over these popular social networking sites.

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