Coping With Work Stressors That Are Related To Technology Errors

06 Aug


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Are you having technology trouble? Is it driving you a little batty? You’re not the only one. Technology seems to morph and evolve by the minute. It can be hard to keep up with the constant progress—hard to catch your breath, so to speak, and assess the problems as they occur with a clear head.

In An Office Space

If you work in an office environment that is very technology-dependent, having a monkey wrench stuck in the gears can be a very stressful thing. Your co-workers and superiors will be likewise stressed out and the work productivity will be slowed. You have to be able to identify this problem and in a hurry, as the work buildup may get to a point of overflow. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing a problem exists but being helpless in identifying the source. This might mean you’ll have to call someone from the IT department to help you out. If you don’t have an IT department, you might have to call an independent tester to come and figure out what’s going awry.

IT persons will work out your issues in different ways. Sometimes glitches require an overhaul in network settings, code re-workings, or computer rewiring. Sometimes, actual parts of computers like hard drives, routers, cables, and tubes need to be replaced. This can be a frustrating process. You might not be able to work in an efficient way or execute work in your normal fashion. You’ll probably be dedicating way too much time to finding workarounds so as to try to keep your productivity level up.

See A Counselor

If things like these are very stressful for you, beyond just a regular level of stress, consider going to a human resources counselor to blow off some steam in a confidential context. If your HR department doesn’t deal with these sorts of issues, consider going to a yoga class everyday after work to release tension you hold in your body throughout the day. You might also consider counseling or therapy from a licensed professional. Sometimes just talking things out can bring enlightenment to a situation that seemed impossible in your own head. Your therapist might be able to offer perspective on matters whereas you mulling things over by yourself would get you nowhere. You might even get a therapeutic release by attending synagogue or church services. There are also workout classes that can get your blood flowing and those endorphins going so you get that calming effect afterward.

No you can come back to the problem with a clear head. Find out of the issue is software or hardware related. Sometimes something like a FluxLight GLC-T fiber optic transceiver or some Fluxlight Cisco fiber optic transceivers are needed to sidestep all errors. Sometimes it’s just a matter of reinstalling software. Whatever it is, you’ll be able to handle it.

Eric Blair writes about fiber optic networks, FluxLight modules, various transceivers and other technology related topics.



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