The 411 on Employee Wellness: What a Modern Executive Needs to Know

23 Aug


The term “employee wellness program” has been making its way around businesses and has become quite a popular term. Some companies have grasped the idea and have implemented a wellness program while others still have no idea what it means.

If your company is struggling to understand the concept of an employee wellness program, the following information will help you learn the basics about what they are, what purpose they serve and why you should implement one.

What is an employee wellness program?

An employee wellness program is a health program designed by the company to promote and improve overall health and wellness among their employees.


What is the purpose of an employee wellness program?

Aside from improving the health and wellness of employees, these programs can also increase awareness on health topics, decrease the cost of insurance premiums, increase employee morale, decrease the amount of sick time used by employees, increase employee productivity and reduce the turnover rate.

How do I create an employee wellness program?

Before you waste your time and money implementing the program, you may first want to poll your employees to see who would be interested in the program. This way, you can see if you’d generate enough interest to make creating the program worthwhile.

The company can either designate a team to create and implement a program throughout the workplace or they can hire an outside health and wellness agency to help create and implement the plan.

If you opt to do it yourself, you will first need to assemble a team together to get to know what type of wellness plan would be best for your business. Companies that have a large number of young staff members will not need the same type of wellness plan as those companies with a large number of older employees, so it’s important to research your business to determine what your employees would want.

Create the team and allow them to get to work meeting, planning and organizing the different aspects and perks of the program. This team should collaborate to determine the best plan, and then they need to let all the employees know about the plan, the perks and how to get started.

If you decide that hiring an outside company is the right choice to implement your program, take your time to ensure that you’re choosing the best and most experienced company for the job.


What type of perks do I provide in my program?

You can do just about anything that is related to health and fitness. You can replace old vending machines with healthier food options. You can provide fitness classes to employees or give them a discount on memberships at a local gym. You can offer free massages to your employees or bring in a doctor for free vaccines or health screenings. The list of possible programs is endless—you just need to determine what’s best for your business.

Are employee wellness programs available to everyone?

Absolutely. Everyone from the CEO to the intern can benefit from the wellness program.

Employee wellness programs are 100% voluntary, so your employees can join if they want to or not join if they don’t want to. Though you can offer incentives to those who do join, you cannot discipline those that don’t.

Employee wellness programs offer an array of perks to your employees and your business. If you have yet to implement a program into your business, you should consider doing so as soon as possible. Your employees will thank you.

Anayeli Ramirez works for Engagement Health a group offering health and wellness plans.



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