Five Ways to Help Your Mid-Size Business Grow

01 Sep

In today’s economy, it can be tough to keep your mid-size business afloat. Growth is difficult, and therefore it can be challenging to increase profits, find new markets, and become stronger business competitors. It is therefore vitally important to assess and fully understand your business situation in order to improve it.

Tip One: Money is great, but isn’t a satisfying end goal

Starting out in a mid-size business is a wonderful thing. You put your heart and soul into it, making something you can be proud to share. However, if you start your business with only the goal to make money, you will never be successful. You won’t care enough about the actual running of the business in order to make it big. You have to invest in the message and function of your company if you want to make any kind of mark.

Tip Two: Hire so you can delegate

Your team is an essential part of your business. Hiring those who are eloquent and confident is a great business move, and employees who have character is better. Your employees should have integrity, courage, ambition, and the will to work hard. If they have these qualities, you as a business owner will be able to trust them, and therefore delegate tasks accordingly.

The ability to delegate lessens the load on your shoulders, and training someone to put their all into the business along with yours will enable your company to flourish. Trusting your employees enough to properly delegate tasks allows you to worry about other things, and those with the emotional intelligence to handle it will make loyal, hardworking employees.

Tip Three: Develop a good website

These days, a website is the face of your business. If customers do not have access to a quality site that gives them the information they need, they will not give you their business. In order to catch and hold the attention of potential customers, you need to do your research.

Make everything easy to find and access, including your name and contact information. Promote your site so that it is easy to find, and put the site name on everything (business cards, ads, email signatures, and signs). Have a concise, but informative, site description. Include lots of quality and interesting content that people will want to read. And finally, have lots of eye-catching images and videos. This will keep attention on your site.

Most importantly, get your site out there! Hire SEO link builders to put the link to your site in quality articles and blog posts, to spread the word. Set aside some money to advertise on Google and other prominent sites. If no one hears about your website, the content won’t matter.

Tip Four: Customer service is the most important thing you’ll do

The truth is: you won’t have any hope of maintaining your business if you can’t build a good, loyal customer base. It has been proven that customers will spend more, and spend more often, at places where they receive good service. Take in complaints, analyze them, and use them to make your company better! People will respond positively to any improvements you make because of them.

This is especially poignant in today’s world of social media. Many younger people, when something irks them, take to social media to complain immediately. That means that any bad word will spread like wildfire, losing you a potential customer base. Therefore, you must ensure that your customer service is top-notch and at its best all the time.

Tip Five: Invest in a software that will improve your business

Sometimes it is difficult to plan properly for the future. You can’t possibly see every single possibility, every weak link, and you can miss important information that can yield an important insight. This is why investing in a software that can process raw data and turn it into insights is a good idea.

Software like IBM Cognos Express can fuel business transformation with programs that analyze Excel data, report things, analyze and visualize plans, and forecast plans and budgets. Specially formulated for mid-size businesses, Cognos Express can anticipate and shape events by recognizing subtle trends and patterns you may not have realized you recorded. Using past outcomes, real-time analyses, and predictive modeling, Cognos Express can help you visualize and actualize the best path for you and your business.

Employing the above five tips can exponentially help your business to continue to grow and develop. You want the best for the company you’ve nursed from inception, and these tips can help you realize the full potential of what you’ve begun.

Sara Stricker is part of a team of dedicated writers who contribute hundreds of quality articles to blogs and sites. Follow her @StrickerSara for more articles.


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