How Online Faxing Helps Real Estate Professionals

11 Sep

The housing market has been down in the dumps for over four years now. But the good news is that it has recently started emerging from the shadows of recession.

Investors and genuine home buyers are picking up homes that are available at rock bottom rates and housing starts are moving up. Rentals are doing well too.

All this rental and sale activity is keeping real estate professionals on their toes.

Now, you well know that real estate work involves heavy documentation. Deeds, agreements, documents, certificates, tax receipts, and many other documents have to be scrutinized by clients, lawyers, real estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies. Every single real estate transaction involves a humungous amount of paperwork that must be faxed.

This is where online fax services step in to help the real estate professional.

Real estate professionals have ditched the Jurassic fax machine and switched to online faxing with a vengeance. They just don’t have the time and patience to manually fax each page of every single document. Can you imagine what it’d be like faxing all these records using the antiquated fax device? It would turn the brightest and most productive office workers into feeble and sleepy Rip Van Winkles.

Online faxing has made life very easy for real estate professionals. They can now email-to-fax documents across to all stakeholders and simply wait for their feedback. When feedback is received, real estate professionals can receive it in their email box and can view it by just opening the attachment. They can even send and receive fax communication while on the go by using their smartphones.

Another big plus is that real estate professionals can also, and very easily too, search for documents by feeding in names or topics or any other keywords related to a particular real estate deal. Online faxing also helps out in another important way – it allows digitized signatures to be added to faxed documents.

Here’s one cool example:

A Realtor can take a photograph of a real estate document with his smartphone camera and fax the document across to a buyer or his legal representative. The document is received on the client’s (or his legal representative’s) analogue fax machine. It is read and understood, and the client signs it and calls the real estate professional to come on over to collect the documents. All this happens with the help of online fax services. Can you imagine how much time would have been consumed if there was no such service around?

This is how online faxing is empowering the real estate industry.

Rosey Martenau is a freelance writer and tech geek who loves writing about ways to improve productivity. She recommends trying this online fax service  for your business.


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    September 30, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Keep the regular Real Estate updates coming, thanks.


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