How to Create Impressive Business Cards

21 Sep


Business cards are one of the easiest ways to connect to another person or business. It’s a very convenient way to exchange information. It is also a way to impress customers, strangers and even competitors. Here are some ways to make your business cards more powerful.

Make it simple

The standard information that we see on business cards include name, title, company, company address, contact numbers. Now that there are so many ways to connect, we can see the website address, Facebook fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., etc. Make your card visually appealing by simplifying the information printed on it. Don’t include your full address. Just the city will do. It’s very easy to find your complete address on the web. Don’t put all your social media accounts. Just put the ones that you are most active in.

Social Media

While we’re discussing social media, instead of putting the word ‘Facebook’, why not just put the icon similar to what you put on your websites if you want your readers to connect to you. This is easier on the eyes and very easy to understand. Only print what’s important. The big three are usually enough – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Your website is not the best choice

Many people are no longer comfortable visiting a new site for fear of being bombarded by advertisements and offers. Some fear that their devices might be invaded by malware. To avoid this, you can either focus just on your social media or your company blog. Social media sites are trusted sites. These are familiar ground so your customers will be more relaxed and willing to visit them. Your blog on the other hand is an informative site. Useful, relevant information is always welcome from a customer’s point of view.

Use graphics

Because we can easily put images and videos in our blog posts, Twitter and Facebook updates, everyone is suddenly expecting something visual with everything they encounter. So, if you put the right images on your card, chances are, it will get noticed.


Do you exist in the real world as much as you do on the Internet? Then you should link these worlds together. A good way to do this is to add a QR code in your business card. Make sure that it works though and it’s interesting or impressive enough, otherwise, just don’t do it.

Tickle their curiosity

Create intrigue and tickle your customer’s curiosity through word play or images. You can create a sense of mystery to encourage your customer to check out your Facebook page.

Be flexible

Print different cards for various groups of customers and various occasions. Include information that is catered to a specific group. For example, if you join a conference, your business card tone should be more formal and the information therein should be focused on the topic of the conference because these people will likely be interested in that information only. If you are going to a fun event, make your business card fun.

The way we live is changing rapidly. Your business must be able to keep up. Your offline tools must be as powerful as your online tools to be able to survive.


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