Avoiding Mix Ups In The Workplace

20 Oct

The hardest thing for companies is keeping track of their staff, this may be at a conference which is attended by many offices or at an event. Even though you may give staff a name tag to wear, chances are once the festivities begin, which always happen at a conference, these name tags will get lost.

Office Solutions

Looking back to when I worked a normal nine to five office job, we worked in a large skyscraper of a building with dozens of floors. At the entrance to the building we would scan out name tags and that would give us instant access to the lifts. This was all good and well when you knew where your name tag was.

The best solution we came up with was staff lanyards. These lanyards were lightweight and our name tags clipped onto them easily. This ensured we always had our name tags with use, we kept them around our necks and staff members were immediately identifiable. The problem we found is if you had to go to one of the other floors within the building, because we were such a large company, it was hard keeping track of who was who. With our name tags around our necks there was no doubt we belonged to the company and this sped up things when visiting other floors, we didn’t have to face unnecessary security checks at each floors reception.


Because we were a large company we often had conferences around the country with other branches. This was a great opportunity to meet the people we had spoken to on the phone from across the country, but at the same time a nightmare for the people running the conference.

Using name tags with staff lanyards all the members of the conference were again identifiable. It was an easy way to ensure that everyone attending the lectures and meetings were in fact meant to be there and it was a quick way to get everyone in and out of the conference facility. You wouldn’t think it would be a problem, but when there is a security check at the conference centre and you don’t have any identification, getting into the meeting you are due to attend can be quite tricky.

Using the staff lanyards took all the guess work out of who was who and made it so much easier for the security staff on duty. They could take one quick look at each person’s neck and there was their identification, this reduced long queues, stress and frustration for everyone concerned.

Music Venues

While using staff lanyards makes office and conferences so much easier, they are an essential tool for music venues who host celebrity stars. When you are responsible for managing the staff to a top music concert where a top performing is about to take stage, security is a huge issue. You would be amazed what people will go through to rub shoulders with a super star. I remember years ago Robbie Williams was performing and I was working on the staff team. If it wasn’t for my staff lanyard with identification I would never have managed to get my job done. The security has to be tight otherwise every fan will try and sneak their way in through the doors to backstage to see their star in real life, up close and personal.

The staff lanyards were handed out with press passes and staff member identification tags to ensure the only people who got back stage were those who were meant to be there. It made things so much easier for security and reduced time and frustration for those trying hard to get their jobs done.

Staff lanyards are affordable and convenience and can ensure that your staff never lose their name tags or security fobs.


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