Ways to Show You Appreciate Their Work

26 Oct

One of the most important ways you can let your employees know you appreciate their hard work is to buy them a gift. This is a great way to keep morale high. In turn, they will continue to work hard for you. To show your appreciation, you can do many things from business gifts to other incentives.

For one, you can buy gifts for your employees throughout the year. While buying them something during the holidays is a nice gesture, surprising them is even better. For example, say one of your employees landed a big contract; you could reward them with a gift basket or a gift card. This simple act shows their work means a lot to you and they won’t forget it your appreciation.

While gift giving can be tricky, listening can make the process a bit easier. The best way to find out what your employees like is to learn more about them. Even in casual conversation, you can pick up things about them like their hobbies or interests. Then, when you buy them a gift for a job well done, not only are you thanking them for their hard work, you are showing them you listen.

Along with business gifts, you could offer other incentives for your employees. One is a free lunch with the boss. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to thank someone who does a great job, as well as provides you with an opportunity to learn more about him or her.

You could also do something simple like make an announcement. This is where you would compose an email or hold a short meeting with all of your staff and share that specific employee’s achievements. This will be a huge confidence booster to that recipient.

Other Businesses

Gifts are also a great idea to show your thankfulness for other companies that you have worked with on a project. When you buy them a gift basket, gift cards or other items, they will love the gesture. In turn, this can lead to another working relationship in the future.

Additionally, you could also offer them discounted services or products from your business. This is a great way to keep the relationship strong while growing your sales.

Ultimately, as an owner, it’s important you take the time and thank those that make your business successful. In turn, they will appreciate the thought and care you put into the gift, which could lead to increased employee morale and sustain working relationships with other businesses.

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One response to “Ways to Show You Appreciate Their Work

  1. lifeoutofthebox

    October 26, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    I love how money is not an option. Gifts and cards really mean so much more. Thank you.


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