Innovative Employee Rewards

28 Oct

Working for yourself is one thing because you get to enjoy the perks and benefits of owners and CEO’s, but those working under others are often not privy to the incentives for management. Employee rewards are becoming more common place as companies realise that staff are much less productive and enthusiastic without recognition and benefits.

A Few Innovative Employee Rewards

Flexibility: This is one of the key rewards for employees. People chained to desks from 9-5 are restricted to the access they have to the things in their personal lives that require attention, such as children and household issues. More flexible work hours give employees an incentive to prove they are capable of doing the job, while tending to their important lives outside of the office.

Incentivise: Show employees recognition for their hard work by giving vouchers for a spa day or comedy show tickets. A little something to help them unwind, or give them a good laugh, shows employees that they are valued, goes a long way to building loyalty.

Lunch: Reward staff with a buffet lunch where they can take a step back from the office and stuffy work involved. Many companies treat their staff like machines and expect lunch to be taken at their desks while veering off the work course is frowned upon. This is the best recipe for companies looking for high staff turnover. Some companies will reward employees or a single employee with a voucher for a lunch date for them and five of their friends.

Throw a Party: This is one sure-fire way to show employees you appreciate their time, effort and input into your company. Employee rewards go a long way to boosting morale, productivity and loyalty. Staff who get to enjoy a party for no reason other than just being rewarded for good work, are naturally inclined to always give their best.

Many companies work hard for their employees, and as a result employee’s work hard to ensure they give their best. Incentives, benefits and employee rewards are the primary driving force behind these people, who are often the backbone of big companies, making a concerted effort to go the extra mile.

It’s often disconcerting that one would have to remind the guys at the top of the ladder to not take their staff for granted. Most of us were raised to show gratitude and courtesy, and this has found a way into the work place as more bosses give more employee rewards. Thank goodness for evolution.

As a prolific writer Vida Denning has freelanced for a variety of businesses and her recent stint at a Reading office space was extremely inspiring in how staff are rewarded and motivated.


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