Five Marketing Activities for the DIY Small Business Owner

29 Oct

A small marketing budget doesn’t have to stop you from promoting your business on a widespread scale. If you’re a small business owner, you probably already know that the DIY method can save you a lot of money and increase your profit margins. There are also a lot of great DIY marketing activities, and here are five suggestions.
Locally Publish Articles

By writing an article related to their niche, small business owners get a chance to show off their expertise in the area; that’s one of the big benefits of maintaining a blog. You don’t need a blog, however, to maximize the marketing potential of a well-written, helpful article. Offer to write an article for a local newspaper. Small local newspapers or magazines in particular are often more than happy to accept your content because it’s free and will benefit their readers. These papers are great vessels for reaching hundreds or thousands of local customers.
Start a Joint Venture

Small business owners have the potential to help each other increase sales with joint venture marketing. A mutually beneficial business relationship can be very successful. Get creative, and think of ways you and another local business could help each other. You might make a proposal for collaboration, and you can refine the plan together. You might offer a special discount to customers of your partner business, or you might offer to split the profits of referrals to each other. A good arrangement will expand your business’s reach and promote sales.
Sponsor Something

Becoming a sponsor of a local event is a great way to promote your business to residents and show your commitment to the community. Think about popular yearly events, and talk to town hall or the organization that holds them about becoming a sponsor. You might contribute money, for example, and be rewarded with your name printed on all promotional materials, or a special booth at the event. You could also offer your products or services instead of cash if they’d be useful for the event. If there are no relevant events, host one yourself. Hold a charity fundraiser; partner with local schools to sponsor an activity for children; there are many possibilities.

Give Away Samples

If it would be possible for your business, use free samples for promotion. People love free stuff, and they’ll rarely ever turn it down. Hopefully you can convert some of those samplers into customers based on the quality of your product. Give away samples at local events, schools, local businesses and organizations, and anywhere else that’s appropriate. Also consider sending samples to area journalists, radio personalities, bloggers in your niche, or anyone who could potentially mention your product a large audience if they think it’s deserving.
Start a Customer Program

Word-of-mouth will always be one of the best ways for any business to get new customers. To encourage your customers to spread the word, start some type of referral program that will reward them when their friends make a purchase. You could also consider a loyalty program that will reward frequent shoppers. When you ask people to sign up for any type of store card that could benefit them, it’s a great opportunity to collect their personal information and ask to add them to your mail or email list so you can stay in touch.

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