The Importance of Environment

29 Oct

Having worked from home and in small teams most of my short life, so far I have truly learned the importance of surrounding myself with people who I not only respect, but also can continually learn from and use for inspiration to push to accomplish more and more.

This idea of surrounding oneself with a stimulating environment is easy when you are in some form of post secondary education – or working in a larger corporation. However, having been out of school for quite a few years now it is easy to see that once you enter into the small business/entrepreneurial stratosphere – it can be a grind, and unless you force yourself to step out of the weeds on a regular basis, can be a real creativity and energy drainer.

To get through this, I rely heavily on my support network of friends and family who have gone ultra corporate (if not just to serve as a reminder of why I didn’t go that way) to bounce thoughts off, letting them run it through their big business process focused minds as a litmus test, sounding board and advisory services – all over the course of just several beers. Such a deal!

Aside from friends and family, several of our key clients keep me striving for more – there is nothing better to keep you motivated than constantly tackling new challenges!

The Importance of Continual Education:

I am sure this isn’t the first time this has been said, but the importance of truly forcing yourself to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis is truly the secret to success.

This comes in the form of not only stepping outside of staying abreast of not only your primary industry but the world by reading things like the daily paper, non-fiction books of interest, documentaries, current event editorials like the New Yorker, The Atlantic etc.

Now that we have just added another 10 to 12 hours to your weekly routine – let’s talk about training.

Conventions, conferences, webinars, seminars, trade shows – whatever form, or fancy name you give them. Attending, actively learning, reflecting upon and acting upon what you learn throughout these data dump sessions not only serve as a source of networking – but also, if they are worth their salt, business building opportunities for inspiration!

So get out there, keep learning, surround yourself with great people and stay on top of your game.

This article was written by Dan Goldstein of the Toronto SEO company NeuMarkets.


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