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Surprisingly High Paying Jobs

When you think of high earners your thoughts are immediately pulled towards the CEO of a top organization, an accountant sitting in a stuffy office or the man who developed the latest computer software. You will be surprised to note that many of the high paying jobs are not found in the office environment; in fact they are not what you would expect them to be.

The most obvious thoughts if you had to think of unusual high paying jobs would be ethical hackers, those hackers that actually get paid to sneak their way through computer programmes. Bounty Hunters, those men and women that go out and find the people who have skipped bail, bringing them back to jail. Yes these people do earn good incomes, but they are not the most surprising of all the jobs.

Aircraft Repo Men

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You probably never even knew this job existed, but in fact some people who buy expensive air planes can’t afford to meet their repayments. These airport repo men go out and for each plane they repo they can earn between six and ten per cent of the value of the plane. When you think an average plane can cost millions, you can just imagine how much these repo men actually earn in a year.


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Now you probably think this is a completely crazy notion that a psychic could earn good money, but in fact sitting there with their crystal balls, tarot cards and ability to see the future, a psychic is now a high paying career thanks to the recent credit crunch. This industry which has often been overlooked boomed when the credit crunch hit with thousands of people flocking to psychics to find out their futures.

Voice Over Artists

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Voice over artists are used for radio, television and movies and they can earn around $300 for every five minutes. When you think that an average film is around ninety minutes; that means they can earn over $5,000 per film, when you amount that up over a year, this is one job we never thought would offer a really good income.

Food Chemist

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If you love cooking and enjoy the scientific side of food, then you may want to consider being a food chemist. Food chemists are among the high earners and are responsible for developing ways to preserve foods, packaging and storage options. They study the raw ingredients for nutritional information and they are responsible for food production and specification along with developing new foods and demonstrating them to clients.

Storm Chasers

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If you have ever watched the film Twister, you may have thought that would be an interesting and dangerous job to do one day. Little did you know that these storm chasers really do exist and with the funding they receive each year to do this very dangerous job, they earn really good money. A storm chaser will actually head into a storm or tornado to get as much scientific information as possible, the data is later used to understand the storms and try and improve current systems when it comes to storm warnings.

Author: Jenny Beswick loves to explore new opportunities and found her job on the Telegraph Jobs Board. If you are seeking a new opportunity then have a look and see what sparks your interest!.


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What Do I Need Warehouse Services For?

You may find that your business is expanding and growing quicker than you originally thought. If this is the case then you may need some more help with storing and distributing stock. If you are currently trying to distribute and store stock on your own then it may be useful for you to think about employing a third party logistics company to your business. This way you will be able to hand over all the logistic responsibilities to them.

What Will 3PL Be Responsible For?

If you do decide to employ a 3PL (third party logistics) company to your business then you will be handing over a lot of the responsibilities concerning your stock over to them. You can ask for different services off a 3PL. You may only want to use them for warehouse storage. If this is the case then you should find out the location of the warehouse prior to signing any contract. If the location is right for you, then you will be able to store your stock in the warehouse for an agreed monthly fee.

If you believe you will need more help from your third party logistics company, then you can also employ them for your distribution needs as well. You will be able to use the 3PL to be in charge of distributing your stock to your customers. However before you decide to use them for distribution you should check that they have the correct type of transport for your goods. If you work in food manufacturing, you may need a cold storage truck to transport the goods. You may also need to transport goods by train, air or sea. Not all 3PL will offer the same services, so it is important that you look around to pick the logistic services which are right for you and your business.

Some 3PL will also offer supply chain management. This will mean that they are completely in charge of your stock management. The 3PL company will track your stock and finances. They will control what stock you have in your business and alert you when you need to order more. If you are currently struggling to keep track of what stock you have in your company and where it is going, then it is a good idea to choose a third party logistics company who can offer you supply chain management services.

Employing a 3PL to your business is a good idea, if you are struggling with controlling your stock. Having someone else in charge of your stock and distribution will give you the time to concentrate on different areas in your business.

George runs his own business and uses for his third party logistic needs.



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Ways to Show You Appreciate Their Work

One of the most important ways you can let your employees know you appreciate their hard work is to buy them a gift. This is a great way to keep morale high. In turn, they will continue to work hard for you. To show your appreciation, you can do many things from business gifts to other incentives.

For one, you can buy gifts for your employees throughout the year. While buying them something during the holidays is a nice gesture, surprising them is even better. For example, say one of your employees landed a big contract; you could reward them with a gift basket or a gift card. This simple act shows their work means a lot to you and they won’t forget it your appreciation.

While gift giving can be tricky, listening can make the process a bit easier. The best way to find out what your employees like is to learn more about them. Even in casual conversation, you can pick up things about them like their hobbies or interests. Then, when you buy them a gift for a job well done, not only are you thanking them for their hard work, you are showing them you listen.

Along with business gifts, you could offer other incentives for your employees. One is a free lunch with the boss. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to thank someone who does a great job, as well as provides you with an opportunity to learn more about him or her.

You could also do something simple like make an announcement. This is where you would compose an email or hold a short meeting with all of your staff and share that specific employee’s achievements. This will be a huge confidence booster to that recipient.

Other Businesses

Gifts are also a great idea to show your thankfulness for other companies that you have worked with on a project. When you buy them a gift basket, gift cards or other items, they will love the gesture. In turn, this can lead to another working relationship in the future.

Additionally, you could also offer them discounted services or products from your business. This is a great way to keep the relationship strong while growing your sales.

Ultimately, as an owner, it’s important you take the time and thank those that make your business successful. In turn, they will appreciate the thought and care you put into the gift, which could lead to increased employee morale and sustain working relationships with other businesses.

Heather Beleno is a part of an elite team of writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites.


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So, I Don’t Have a Fireplace Anymore

Well, I guess technically I do, but it’s a propane thing we leave on the back patio for those evenings we want to keep our feet warm while we look at the stars.

My real wood burning fireplace was left when I gave my house of 23 years to my then wife and kids..

Let us just say that that house is where my friends Rob and Leslie shared life with us for years as we were all growing up to be “adults.”  Rob had his love that he worked so hard for, and I had mine.  We ended up marrying both of our “projects” and having lovely children and reasonably happy lives.  Probably far happier in retrospective, than they were while we were going through some of the trials, but isn’t that the way of life.  If anyone described childbirth accurately, nobody would ever have sex, but after its over, the memories are warm.

As far as Leslie is concerned, I’m surprised we stayed such good friends, as I called her Stephanie half the time.  Through the magic of FaceBook, we got to know each other again pretty well the past couple of years.

I am writing by the grace of Harrys Hof Brau, by the beautiful fireplace that they have provided. Today it is apparently exclusively for my self centered solace.  I am in shock.

I got the news today that one of my dearest and oldest friends, Leslie, has passed on.  She was not in the best of health, but the circumstances have left us all numb.  She was walking up a staircase, fell backwards and never recovered from her coma. She was in her 40’s with a loving husband and two wonderful kids. I was the “best man” at their wedding.  It is a pretty stark wakeup call, but if nothing else it helps put things in perspective.  It is skillful to consider these things when we are caught up in our own “shit.”

I sit in frustration for my current wife, as she desperately struggles to understand why my daughters, their aunts and uncles, etc. cannot get along long enough to have a holiday meal together. This is the kind of shit that would have occupied my thoughts for the majority of the day.

I also sit in humble appreciation, by the fireplace at Harry’s, that we have houses to invite people to, that we have reasonable health, and that we have good friends.  Especially when we lose one so suddenly and tragically, it makes all of the dribble regarding where we spend Thanksgiving seem incredibly inconsequential.

Be nice to people, hug everybody you see.  We have no idea when our number will be called, and if they went by merit I’d be long gone so count every day as another opportunity to make things right.  You might not ever get there, like I might not ever get there with ex in-laws or my girls, but one thing is for sure.  If you don’t try, you sure as hell won’t ever do it.

God be with you Les.  You will be missed by more than you can count. God be with those you left behind, because your absence will be felt more than you ever could have known.  I’ll miss your FB updates.  Love you ‘sis.

Her last post on FB




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Insolvency: A Guide For Businesses

Almost certainly every business believes it will be successful when it starts out but unfortunately, a frighteningly high


number fail, frequently for reasons beyond their control.

Certainly the fragile global economy has stretched more companies than ever in recent years and sadly this has meant that an increasing number of firms have had to face the spectre of insolvency.

However, although the word insolvency is often bandied around accompanied by a cold twist of fear, not many people know exactly what it means and what the implications are. Here’s a quick rundown of the key facts that you need to understand about insolvency if you are in business.

What is it exactly?

Insolvency is an umbrella term used to describe the situation where either a business or a private individual can no longer meet their financial commitments as and when they become due. Far more serious than just a temporary shortage in cash flow which let’s face it, is something mo

st people have faced at one time or another, it refers to a situation which is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future.

Insolvency and bankruptcy are two words which are often used interchangeably but technically, this is not correct. Bankruptcy refers to a petition which is taken to court and the status legally declared, either with or without the individual’s consent. Bankruptcy is just one of many possible routes for insolvent individuals.

There are many different insolvency solutions and bankruptcy – or liquidation as it is known in corporate terms – does not necessarily have to be the final outcome.


How is insolvency managed?

If a business has reached the point where it is unable to continue because of financial pressures, an insolvency practitioner will become involved.

A number of companies offer this kind of service but not just anyone can set up; they must be approved and authorised. An accountancy or firm of solicitors are typically involved in acting as insolvency practitioners for distressed businesses.

What is the role of an insolvency practitioner?

Insolvency practitioners are licensed to undertake a wide range of solutions, depending on the situation the business finds itself in.

For companies which are no longer viable without some form of intervention, this means the insolvency practitioner could either be responsible for managing an administration or liquidation. Although neither are a desirable situation for a business to find themselves in, liquidation is the far worse of the two and is a death knell for the firm.

Simply put, liquidation means that there is no future and the company will cease trading immediately. All staff will lose their jobs and the assets will be broken down and sold off to the highest bidder in order to raise the most cash to pay off creditors. Liquidation is always the final step and is appropriate for companies which have no other viable options.

Going into administration is slightly different however and in some cases can end up being a positive step for the firm, strange though it may sound. Administration is a formal acknowledgement that a business is seriously ‘ill’ and requires urgent attention if it is to avoid being permanently wound up. However, unlike liquidation, a company is usually permitted to continue trading – sometimes with caveats in place – because it is normally in the best interests of all parties.

One of the actions an insolvency practitioner may take for businesses in administration is to try and find a buyer. This ideally would be to take on the company as a whole but if this is not possible, the firm may be broken down into chunks and sold off. To get the best price, the business needs to be continuing to trade and performing as well as it can in order to seem attractive for a potential takeover.

There can still be redundancies and losses when a company enters into administration as the insolvency practitioner will take a long, hard look at the expenditure and carry out a cost benefit analysis. This could result in some parts of the business being identified as not being commercially justified. However, in the long term, if the firm survives, it should be in a far stronger market position.

Call an insolvency practitioner in early!

The idea of getting a financial expert in who is authorised to act in insolvency proceedings may sound like a scary idea but in some cases, it can be worthwhile calling them before you have reached the point of actually becoming insolvent.

For businesses facing administration, if radical steps are taken quickly enough, the necessity of having to go down the route of formal insolvency might be avoided. As well as processing formal insolvency solutions, practitioners also offer a prevention service.

This involves a detailed scrutiny of the company’s finances and identifying where the problems lie and coming up with new or creative ways to address them. If this is your business, you may well shrug off this suggestion as undoubtedly you will have spent countless hours poring over the accounts yourself. However, these people are experts and deal with insolvencies all the time and have in-depth knowledge of the law relating to this area, which may throw up possibilities you weren’t even aware existed.


If you are in business, hopefully you will never find yourself in such a serious financial predicament that your livelihood is at stake. However, if you are starting to battle to stay afloat, it is worth considering getting help sooner rather than later, as it could be the one thing that saves your company. Although many national firms offer insolvency advice, making sure you pick one with an office reasonably close to where you are located will help speed the process along, as well as keeping costs down.

Written on behalf of Birketts Chelmsford Office by Samantha Wood, contact Birketts for legal advice about insolvency.

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3 People You Should be Networking With

It’s all about networking. Most people find jobs through the people they know, or the connections they have made through formal networking opportunities. Networking is the process of forming and fostering relationships with people in specific industries. People network with all kinds of professionals, and the more they do it the more successful they will be in their career.

But who do you network with? At every turn you are advised to network but you aren’t given many specific tips on who to network with. Here are three types of people you should start networking with as soon as possible.

Your Peers

You may not think of your classmates and current coworkers as valuable connections; but they are. These people will one day be peers in your industry, and may have the power to help you find a job. Your peers are also doing internships and searching for jobs too, so they can be a great resource when it comes to job interview questions and leads. You can start connecting with your peers by taking your friendship a step up from where it is. Start talking to your peers about jobs, internships and industry experience and before you know it they will turn into valuable professional contacts.

Professionals in Your Area

Networking does take work. You should be networking with industry professionals in your area, but that can be hard to do. Start by attending networking events and applying for internships. You can also take networking to a more informal level by reaching out to professionals through common connections. You may have peers who know professionals you don’t know, and can therefore introduce you to them.

Your Professors

Look at your professors as industry experts. These people are highly knowledgeable, experienced and qualified and you are lucky to be able to brush shoulders with them. Take advantage of your education by becoming aquatinted with your professors. Don’t suck up to your teachers, but get to know their backgrounds and their areas of specialty. Some good ways to do this are to stop by their offices to get help on an assignments, ask questions about job searching or even ask them to take a look at your resume.

Networking may be the best thing you can do for your job search and eventually your career. As you get to know your peers, professionals and your professors, your circle of connections will widen. The more people you know, the more resources you will have as you look for a job after you graduate from college.

Jill Hardy writes for a website called, a site that helps students prepare for their future careers by getting the education and training they need.


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The Evolution of Customer Loyalty Programs

Marketing on many levels has tapped into the success of customer loyalty programs. The idea of building a sense of identity and interest in customers isn’t new, but with electronic data management, it’s become easier to address specific interests and needs. Stamp rewards and exchanges of yesteryear are replaced with everything from gift cards to gasoline discounts in the present. Meanwhile, games continue to provide incentives for customers to affiliate more with one business or another. However, merely offering a program doesn’t assure loyalty.

It’s important to analyze the needs of customers in developing a good loyalty program. A system that provides great rewards is more likely to produce the repeat business that is desired. Meaningless rewards, however, are unlikely to garner positive interest. In fact, poorly chosen loyalty rewards may drive customers away. Meaningful options don’t have to be overly expensive. They just have to provide value to those customers who are being targeted for repeat business.

A contrast can be drawn through consistency. The business that is consistent and dependable in administering customer loyalty programs creates an environment that allows trust to grow between consumers and the company. A customer recognizes that the rules won’t continually change. It’s important to establish guidelines and adhere to them. In doing so, a business creates a sense of stability that attracts repeat interaction on the part of the customer.

It’s especially important to recognize the place that the Internet plays in cultivating customer loyalty. Social media plays a predominant role in providing consumers with updates on special deals, sales and other activities. Integrating these methods into loyalty programs can draw more interest if it’s handled well. It’s important to keep social media interactions simple and concise. It’s also important to understand how different social venues appeal to various customers. Some are image based while others are focused on interaction. Each venue will attract a slightly different demographic, and effective interaction and promotion requires some study of the way in which each venue is used by one’s clientele.

The use of smartphones is causing some transitions in customer loyalty programs as well. These permit more access to information and updates for consumers. However, overdoing it can be a problem for those who are already overloaded with text messages and multiple emails. It’s important to make mobile messages meaningful and simple. Value and simplicity are essential for keeping the interactions positive in the eyes of customers. Knowing how customers use their devices is important so that a good balance can be maintained in an age saturated with electronic information exchanges.

Colloquy is a resource for businesses who wish to gain an edge over their competitors through loyalty Marketing. Look to for publications, cosulting and more in regards to gaining customer loyalty.



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