4 Ways To Perfect Employee Recruitment

01 Nov

As with any business process or procedure, effective employee recruitment follows some specific guidelines that can help any organization bring more qualified candidates through the door.  Not every business follows exactly the same formula, but keeping these tips in mind as you make your way through the process will give you an edge over your competition.

Start Building Before You Need It

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury to execute a long, drawn out search for a new employee.  Things can happen where you need someone in there fast, which is why it makes sense to start building a candidate pool before you actually need one.

This might mean advertising for positions on your website year round, or having professional recruiters as part of the team on a consistent basis.  Finance recruiters and other recruiting companies constantly have feelers out there and know where the real talent is long before you will.

Take a Look InHouse 

Of course, taking a good look in-house is also a valuable recruitment tip.  Not only can it help with morale and loyalty, but promoting from within often shows you qualities of your own employees you never knew existed.  Sometimes, you have precisely what you need right under your nose and all you have to do is set it free.  Post your jobs in-house and give your current employees a chance to surprise you.

Boost Your Own Reputation

 If your business has the reputation as a great place to work, it will help a lot when it comes to recruitment because great candidates will already be looking for you.  Boost your own reputation by getting your employees to brag about you.  Do this by:

  • Paying slightly above the industry average
  • Offering a better than average benefits package
  • Offering flexible hours or work at home options
  • Offer signing bonuses to sweeten the deal
  • Offer perks such as an on-site gym

The possibilities are really up to your imagination.  Just keep in mind that if your reputation is good, people will want to work there and more importantly, quality people will want to work there.

 Get Your Employees Involved

 Whether you’re using finance recruiters to help bring in new people or not, you can use your own employees to assist in the process.  Your employees may be able to recommend candidates for certain positions, but they can certainly help judge if potential candidates will be a good fit within the organization.

Allowing them to get involved in the interview process in some way will help with morale and it will also make them feel obligated to help the new employee succeed.  No one knows more about the inner workings of the company that your employees so use them to your advantage.

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Keri Walton is a HR specialist with many years of experience recruitng top management from around the world.


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One response to “4 Ways To Perfect Employee Recruitment

  1. CMLOR

    November 22, 2012 at 2:45 am

    I have nothing to say other than…fantastic post! And also I agree with the fact that you should get your employees involved with the recruitment process; at the end of the day, they will be working with the new employee and they may have a better understanding of who would be best suited to the company and how thorough they need their skillset to be.


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