Simple Steps to Liven up your Office Desk

26 Dec

If your office desk is uninspiring and bordering on just plain dreary that even a rainy day has more zest and vitality, then permit me to suggest some simple steps to help rejuvenate your workspace.


Image by Magic Robot.

Personalise your desk with invigorating items:

  • Fun family photos, sports trophies, and “World’s Greatest Mum (or Dad)” mugs can work wonders.
  • Include items that reflect your passions outside of the office.

For example if you build model airplanes or cars put some of them on your desk.

If you have a collection of favourite funny maxims, consider framing them and adding them to your desk.

Putting something funny on your desk can make you smile, or laugh or even both when you need it the most.

  • Consider bringing something you enjoy into work to keep on your desk that is not available at home.

That way it will give you something to look forward to other than work.

Place items on your desk that will act as conversation starters due to their unusual, conspicuous, or humorous nature:

  • Maybe the latest book you are reading.
  • Or a CD you are listening to.
  • Perhaps you could include a fruit bowl.
  • A sweet dish.
  • Or even a selection of different kinds of teas and coffees and a kettle, complimented by a variety of biscuits.



Keep chill out toys close to hand:

iPods and MP3 players are a perfect example of chill out toys.

Whenever your boss is giving you grief, and your work colleagues are driving you crazy, pop in those ear plugs and tune the whole thing out.

Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and “That’s Life,” and Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” and “Wonderful World” are my personal recommendations for audio bliss.

Stress balls are also handy, as are sunglasses!

Trust me!

You may feel a little nuts at first, but there are days when the sun is too bright or the office lights glare, and even the computer can be hard to look at.

So try sunglasses, maybe even listen to your iPod or MP3 player while you are at it.

Your boss and work mates will probably think you are walking a thin line between eccentricity and craziness, but there’s a good chance they’ll leave you in peace to get on with your work.

How do you liven up your office desk? I’m always open to inspiration and I’m easily led, so set me free!

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