3 Ways to Get Promoted

29 Dec

promotion_elbow_patches_519365You’re long overdue for a promotion, and you’ve been showing that you deserve one by doing a great job, taking on additional responsibilities, putting in extra hours and learning new skills. You’ve dropped some hints, but the higher-ups aren’t picking up on them.  What can you do to finally get that promotion you deserve?

Make sure there are opportunities for advancement at your company

It is one thing if co-workers are getting promoted over you. But if nobody is getting promoted, your lack of movement may have nothing to do with you. Maybe there are no openings. Maybe people are consolidating their power. Maybe the company is in trouble and upper-level positions are being eliminated.  If the opportunities are simply not there, it won’t matter how much you deserve a promotion.

Be your own PR person

Maybe your boss does not realize what a great job you are doing. Or maybe he or she thinks you are happy in your current role, and is happy to keep you there since you are filling the role so well.

Your boss may be your advocate for advancement, may consciously or subconsciously be preventing you from advancement or may lack the power to help you get ahead. If you feel that higher-ups are unaware of your accomplishments and/or your ambition, you may need to let them know yourself. Depending on the corporate structure, you can seek out mentors and networking opportunities with upper management.

It may turn out that, fairly or unfairly, upper management does not share your view that you have been doing a great job and deserve a promotion. If so, you may be able to get constructive criticism that could lay out what you need to do to eventually get that promotion. But if you find out that you are unlikely to get a promotion, at least you know the score and can use that information in planning your future.

Redefine yourself

If you dress like the other staffers, joke around like the other staffers and grumble about the company like the other staffers, you can’t be surprised if upper management sees you as part of the staff rather than management material.  Let them know by your actions, appearance and demeanor that you are a dependable and drama-free part of the team.  Instead of grumbling that something is above your pay grade, pitch new ideas that show the brass that you can strategize above your pay grade, and perhaps that is where you will eventually wind up.

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