The Story of Crocs

02 Jan

crocsshop1Crocs have really made an impact since they arrived only ten years ago and there’s nowhere you can go on a sunny day without coming across a pair of the rubber shoes. The company has really done very well for itself and are one of the most popular pieces of footwear during summer months, albeit thanks to their health giving properties, hard wearing design and also their amazing comfort – all of which makes other similar sorts of shoes pale in comparison. So, let’s look at some interesting facts about Crocs, from the original versions to the very latest like the Crocs Crocband.

Crocs was actually started by three friends who wanted to create a spa shoe for people enjoying treatments. The shoes were shown for the first time in 2002 at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Amazingly, the shoes were a huge success, lapped up by the attendees and the 200 pairs that were thaken to the event were sold out almost immediately.

Crocs are made from a specific patented form of foam which is known as ‘Croslite’. This was created by a company known as ‘Foam Creations’ and is a form of foam resin that according to podiatrists has a number of significany health benefits for the feet if used in the correct way. Crocs did just this, and utilised this material for their shoes, with particular emphasis on creating a healthy footbed.

Fake Versions

As with any popular brand, people will always try to exploit the popularity for their own unofficial gain. Over the years Crocs have had to file numerous complaints over fake Crocs, which seem to be everywhere. There were over 11 companies importing similar designs in the US in 2006 when Crocs filed a law suit to protect them from being copied. There have been plenty of seizures of fake Crocs across the globe too. Discount stores are still known to sell the shoes, as do numerous amusement park stores and department stores but these accounts are becoming fewer in number.

The production centres for Crocs are located in both Mexico and Canada, though there are also subsidiaries who manufacture the shoes in Europe and of course China, manufacturing Crocs in a range of styles. There are also a number of accessories designed and manufactured by Crocs. The most familiar of these are known as ‘Jibbitz‘ and can be added to the holes that can be found as part of Crocs footwear designs.

Branching Out – The Fuzz

Crocs have produced a pair of winter Crocs too called the ‘Fuzz’ collection. This collection of Crocs features different styles and has a wool lining that fits inside the shoes and offers ventilation, whilst still managing to keep the feet comfortable and aerated. The company has even gone so far as to produce a pair of golfing Crocs too for those long walks spoiled.

Crocs have split the world and there are numerous blogs and articles across the Internet that are very divisive over the love of Crocs. Names for these include ‘I don’t care how comfortable Crocs are; you look like a dumbass’ and However, an article that was published in Newsweek by Steve Tuttle saw significant and heated divide over the shoes.

However, it seems that the rich and famous find Crocs quite appealing and the leaders of the world consider them appropriate leisure wear. President George Bush Jr was spotted in a pair, as was Michelle Obama.

Guest blogger C.R is still undecided on Crocs, however one thing’s for sure, he likes the leaps and bounds that this company has made since they first started up. To keep up with the times Crocs are releasing new styles often, like the Crocs Crocband which can be bought online from retailers such as My Amazing Shoes.



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