How To Get The Most Out Of Customer Surveys

07 Mar

customer-survey-1Customer surveys can offer valuable insight to any business owner. Whether you are launching a new product or considering axing an old service, a customer survey can help you decide which decision is in the best interest of your consumers. But how do you get your customers to take those pesky surveys that you, yourself, normally pass up or forget about? Luckily, this article has compile a few tips to help you create a survey that your customers won’t only fill out, but will take seriously, as well.

When To Ask

When customers review a business, they either do so because they received above and beyond service or they had a horrible experience. But if neither extreme has happened, most customers pass up the opportunity to divulge their two cents. This is because many customers don’t see the need to contribute to a survey. They’ve had a pretty good experience shopping in your store or doing business with your company, and since they’re satisfied, there’s no point in filling out a survey to help others. It’s simple really; most customers very surveys as an inconvenience.

However, there is a way to turn all that around. As a business owner, you can understand that time is valuable. If you were to spend five minute filling out a survey for someone else’s benefit, you’d want something in return. So give your customers the same inventive to fill out your surveys. Offer a discount on their next purchase, a chance to win a prize, or a freebie for every survey they fill out. Making the surveys worthwhile will help ensure more people fill it out.

Furthermore, surveys should be asked when there’s something worth asking. It would be great to know how your business is doing on a day-to-day basis, but again, customers will get bored with filling out a survey every time they shop. Instead, create surveys before you release a new product or service, to get a feel for how a new shopping experience is working out, and so on. This sort of timing lets customers feel like they’re included on your business’ future decisions…which they are! They’ll take a personal interest in helping your business succeed.

How To Ask

Surveys can be a very tricky thing to do correctly. Even if you have interested customers, asking too many questions, or even just a few of the wrong questions can be very off-putting. Your survey should be a breeze to take, not a burden. Therefore, form questions that are simple to read and simple to answer. For example, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you like our new frozen yogurt flavor?” is a simple question because it gets right to the point. Furthermore, you’re essentially offering the answer by laying out options for the customer. There is little work for the customer to do except for the try the yogurt and give it a number.

You should also allow your surveys to be as easygoing as possible. This means allowing customers to skip questions, save questions for later, and return to the survey at a later time. Otherwise, you’ll end up forcing your customers into a corner they don’t want to be in. Try offering an incentive so customers are more willing to come back later and finish the survey.

Another way to make surveys easier on your customers is to give them a meter of how close they are to being done. Remember, your customers’ time is just as valuable as yours. Letting them know they only have five questions left can be motivating when they feel like they’re on the clock.

After The Survey

Once you’ve given your survey enough time to make its rounds, you should start to have a pretty pile of information that can help your company move forward. Your customers have just shared their likes and dislikes, preferences, ideas, and recommendations. It will take you time to filter through all the answers, but eventually you’ll come up with a solution that is by your customers, for your customers.

Furthermore, allow your customers to opt-in for future surveys or follow-up questions. If someone has a great idea or you’ve found out that someone had a horrible experience, you can correct that mistake and prevent future ones from happening right then and there.

Any business owner would be lucky to know the private thoughts of just one of their customers. With surveys, you can have insight into hundreds or thousands of customers that are not only interested and willing to fill out your survey, but happy to share what would make them a loyal customer. With a well-constructed survey, you can be helping your business and helping your consumers at the same time.

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