Reaching The Right Customers The Right Way When Marketing Online

17 Apr

Many factors come into play when trying to reach new or existing customers. Often, companies struggle to figure out the most effective marketing strategies. Sometimes they are not saying or doing the right thing and sometimes it is both.

It’s about Emotions

True or False: People are moved to make purchases based on logic. Old business schematics would answer true, however, current research at several respected universities found that purchasing is much more emotional than we ever realized before. Emotion stimulates the mind 3,000 times faster than rational thought. By satisfying the customer’s emotional needs, you will build a stronger brand as well as a stronger customer relationship which will keep your customer returning to you again and again.

Don’t be one of the many companies smothered out when someone else comes offering the same thing at a lesser price. Building an emotional connection with your customers is a necessity if you wish to enjoy repeat business.

Needs vs. Wants

While initially needs and wants seem to be one in the same, knowing the difference between the two can lay the groundwork for building a better marketing plan. Essentially, consumers search for a product or service based on a need, but most often they make an actual purchase because they want something.

A need refers to a necessity that must be filled, such as a pair of shoes to replace the pair that wore out. On the other hand a want fulfills a desire to make life more comfortable and enjoyable. For example, a pair of $20 tennis shoes will protect your feet, but the latest and greatest athletic shoe might be more comfortable and help the customer gain the respect of their peers.

By first recognizing and satisfying your customers’ functional needs, you can then work to build a stronger relationship by filling their emotional wants and desires.

People want to:

  • Save Money
  • Save time
  • Avoid embarrassment, risk, worry, guilt and doubts
  • Show their love for family, friends, pets, etc.

People want to be:

  • Healthy
  • More efficient
  • Better looking
  • Self-confident
  • The leader
  • Personally expressive

People want to enjoy:

  • Pride in their possessions
  • Comfort
  • Being up-to-date and having what is newest
  • Enjoy more leisure time

Figure out Your Customers Emotional Drivers

There are several reasons businesses may try to avoid probing their customers for information. They worry it will make their customers uncomfortable, and they don’t want to appear unprofessional. However, these excuses will get you nowhere. Taking the time to figure out the unique hot-button of your particular market will prove beneficial.

There are many ways to find out what it is that drives your customer. Listen to the chatter on Facebook and Twitter and build your social-media profile, send surveys, ask questions and listen. Remember, the key is not to find out what customers think of your product or service. Rather, your aim is to find out what drives them emotionally. What are the things in life that are important to them? Maybe they are talking about their kids, schooling, favorite cars, lack of time or resources or their favorite hangouts. Read between the lines to find out what bugs them, what impresses them and what makes them angry or happy.

Use What Works

If you do not take the time to reach your customers’ emotions, there is little chance you will have repeat business. Likewise, if you do not take the time to test your current marketing approaches, you can be losing precious resources including time and money. Using the correct research tools, such as a marketing cloud, will help you better understand who is looking at you and where they are coming from. By knowing where your customers come from and what makes them stay, you will soon come up with an amazing marketing formula.

The truth is, eventually someone else will come along to try and take your customers away. Many online companies have already taken the steps to understand their customer’s emotions. Do your research and put your findings to the test.

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Jared Jaureguy is a Technology Consultant for several of the biggest tech companies in the world. Follow him @JaredJaureguy.



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