Best IPad Apps For Small Businesses To Achieve Success

26 Apr

Apple’s iPad is gaining phenomenal popularity among business people. The state-of-the-art tool allows people to run small companies and an endless stream of chores on the go. The glamorous gadget has made it possible for people to control corporate strings, anytime and from anywhere.

Thanks to the assortment of apps available, the busy entrepreneur does not have to run to the office to accomplish the smallest and simplest of tasks. There are so many iPad apps that one is absolutely spoilt for options. In order to make the most out of them, the trick is to find the right app and get the job done without hassle.

The following is a list of apps that promises to help a business grow. They have been specifically designed to increase a business’ productivity and breathe life into the idea of a virtual office. A lot of these apps are available for iPhone as well. Since updates in technology are commonplace, it is recommended that you read an app’s details to make sure if the current version can meet your needs or not.

Intuit GoPayment

This out-of-the-box app allows you to accept payments from credit cards through your iPad. The app comes with a free card reader. The transaction fee is quite affordable as well.

 GoodReader for iPad

Available for $3, this app is one of the most celebrated PDF readers for the gadget to date. An individual no longer needs to carry a bundle of catalogs and brochures along. Why not show everything in PDF format on your iPad instead?

Analytics HD

Checking your website’s analytics is now easier than ever before with this app. You can check your stats on Google Analytics anytime on your iPad. The app is available for $6.99.


The app comes with a 30-day trial offered absolutely free. It facilitates business owners to manage and control all sorts of sales operation. If you are satisfied with the trial version, you can get the paid version for a reasonable price for more comprehensive features.

WebEx For iPad

Are you sick and tired of going to those business meetings? Now, you can participate in a meeting virtually without leaving the confines of your home. This free iPad app allows you to attend meetings on your gadget.

RDP Lite

How about accessing and viewing your Windows Vista, Windows 7 or XP Professional workstation right there on your tool? It would look exactly as you are working on your desktop. Amazing, isn’t it? This is what the RDP lite has to offer. The app is offered for free but a paid version with additional features can be acquired for a mere $5.99.

Dragon Dictation

Calling your secretary each time you need to dictate a note can become annoying. How about an app that gives you the ability to visualize your speech as text? As soon as you speak in your phone, the app converts your words into text. You can then use the text as an email or update you status on Twitter or Facebook.

Get your hands on these remarkable apps and run your business the smart way.

Mark is working as a business consultant in Irish holding company and offshoe formation sector of Chesterfield Group


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