Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign

26 Jun

email_marketing_campaign-300x249As a worldwide population we all have our differences as well as those things that bind us together whether we live in Asia or on the beaches in countries such as Brazil.  One of the ties that bind us is the fact that we are all consumers in one form another; whether we are enjoying a meal at our favorite restaurant or purchasing the seeds to plant our garden at home. As consumers we are constantly exposed to a variety of marketing campaigns that can help us make decisions on products.  Creating a successful marketing campaign is a crucial component in ensuring that potential consumers become customers for your businesses.

Organization is Critical

All members of the business community known that organization is critical in order to reach all goals set before them. The ability to prioritize and organize is especially critical when planning your marketing campaign.  Make sure that all members of your marketing team are kept up to speed throughout the entire process. You can either plan daily or monthly team meetings. Technology can also be an ally here because you can use email or other electronic communications to keep each other up to date.

Decide on the purpose of your Campaign

One of the first steps in creating any type of campaign is deciding on its purpose. Marketing can be useful in many different respects. If you are a smaller business, marketing is the critical avenue for you to introduce yourself to your community.

You may also choose to focus on a new product or line of products that may replace or improve on existing items.

Focus on Your Audience

Not all products are meant to be used by consumers of all ages. Be sure to focus on the specific demographic(s) that you wish to reach with your campaign.  As it comes together it may be a wise choice to test it out on your demographics.

Choose a Color Scheme

The right color can make all the difference in your campaign. If your company is known for a specific color scheme this aspect of your campaign is already taken care of. However, you can also choose the scheme based on specific needs.

When choosing the color keep in mind that contrast is important as it will make your message stand out. Be sure to tie the color into the emotion you are trying to elicit with your product or service.  For example, red and orange generally elicit strong feelings and excitement. On the other hand, white connotes purity or safety.

Decide on Your Message

Your color scheme is only a part of your overall campaign. You also need to decide on a message that will not only appeal to people, but also resonate with them.


Your choice of marketing mediums is also important. There are traditional formats like television or radio. The new avenue of social marketing is also an important exploration tool. Physical items such as ink pens and pins can also help spread your message. If potential customers have the opportunity to take an item home it may further cement your name into their brain.

Creating a successful marketing campaign will take a lot of work. Keep all decisions fluid until the last moment to allow for any last minute changes.

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Chloe, a marketing manager, gives insight on how to create a successful marketing plan for your business.



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