Holding On To Traditional Marketing Pays Off

10 Jul

shutterstock_91818635_17462Despite the notion that it is so easily available to advertise through the internet, there are still traditional methods of advertising that are seeing an increased capacity in the ability to reach potential customers and spread the word of businesses. Along with running radio and billboard advertisements, businesses are seeing an increase in consumer buzz by distributing fliers.

Why a Leaflet?

The beauty behind a leaflet as a means of advertisement resides in a few basic elements that the leaflet excels in. Unlike digital advertising or even the radio, a leaflet gives the consumer something that has material substance. Being able to physically hold the leaflet can add a certain amount of credibility to the legitimacy and authenticity of the information it contains. Albeit mostly a subconscious reaction of the consumer, the simple notion that someone has taken the effort to employ the means of actually getting something printed on paper registers in a way separate from the constant influx of digital media.

Unlike digital media which can simply flash before the viewer for anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes, a printed leaflet sticks around. By staying clear of the esoteric ether in which most advertisements disperse, the staying power of the printed word will continually renew its message.

Empower Your Audience

By giving your potential audience the option of choosing when and where they want to take the time to read your message the likelihood that your message will be received is increased. Whether the person deciding to read the leaflet is having breakfast or on the transit to work through London, leaflet and printed media holds its staying power.

There is a certain luxury that comes with taking control of how media is consumed. Within that conscious decision to read the brain becomes active and areas of memory are aroused. All too often the constant humming of commercials through digital media becomes nothing more than background noise to everyday life. In order to reach consumers on multiple levels, implementing traditional media resources proves to showcase why they have been around for so long.

Come Back Again and Again

Another crucial aspect of printed media is the simple notion that a person can return to it again and again provided that they haven’t misplaced or damaged the document. One could easily make the stance that digital media is very similar. However, when you take into consideration that in order to consume the information contained within a leaflet or magazine, all one essentially needs is a little bit of light, it is easy to see how the expense put into printing provides is more than a one-trick pony.

As with other forms of media the proper channel of delivery is at the top of important considerations. When it comes to printed media one of the easiest and most efficient means of delivery is to simply invest in distributor that will do the work for you. Distributors do all the legwork to make sure that a business’s leaflets get into the right place on schedule. If you happen to be in a larger city where you are distributing your leaflet, London for example, the aid of professional distribution is paramount.

Embrace Change While Maintaining Tradition

As any successful business owner can attest there is never simply one method that works. It is combinations of different elements that will help spread the word of a business and get more consumers flooding through the doors.

The combination of a variety of digital and printed media allows for the most optimum range of viewership. To keep things fresh and new it is always ideal to change with the times but there is definitely something to be said about honouring tradition as well.

Paula Whately has run radio and television ads for her business and found that a large portion of new customers can be sourced from distributing leaflets. In London, leaflet and other printed media has brought her business lots of new buzz.


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