4 Top Tools For Small Business Success

29 Jul

Portrait of a business manby Nadine Swayne –

Small business owners today face challenges that were unknown to entrepreneurs in the past. Today’s entrepreneurs must figure out how to ensure their success in a market that continues to grow and change. Fortunately for small business owners, new technology continues to become available that assists them in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Using this technology can help them succeed and bring new clients to their business every day.
1. Card Readers

Because today’s small business owners tend to be mobile throughout the day, it can be vital that they invest in technology that allows them never to miss out on a sale. When they cannot be tied down to a cash register, entrepreneurs can help customers and make money when they use a credit and debit card reader, such as Moblized for instance. This device can be attached to their cell phone and deduct money from a customer’s card. With this device, a business owner can be ready to help a customer at any time, as well as make a profit for his or her business.

2. Mobile Apps

Most cell phone users today have smartphones and rely heavily on their mobile devices to check the news, read email, and shop. As more people rely on smartphones, business owners realize that they can reach a wider client base when they create and release a mobile app for their business. Their app will allow clients to shop at their leisure and help them bring money into their business around-the-clock rather than during regular business hours. Mobile apps can be used for other purposes as well. If a business owner wants to let customers know about sales or offer coupons, he or she can do so through the business’s mobile app. Apps are often the primary way through which many business owners today communicate with their customers.

3. Social Media

Most people today also have an account on at least one social networking site. Companies of all sizes leap at the chance to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other social media sites. Creating an account and engaging customers through social media helps entrepreneurs find out what their customers want and need. They can respond to customers’ complaints and questions. Customers likewise may view business owners as more human and approachable if they can interact with their favorite businesses online through social networking.

4. Blogs

Blogs are great for allowing business owners to have virtual conversations with their clients. They can introduce themselves to their customer base, talk about what goes on behind the scenes at the company and talk about their hopes for the future on their blog site. Customers love to follow the blogs of their favorite companies. Many clients feel like the company’s owners are their friends and people with whom they can relate. Entrepreneurs can also post pictures, links, and other information that they feel is valuable or interesting. Readers can be invited to comment on blog posts or ask questions. Blogs increase a business’s exposure to the public and attracts new customers to the small business.

Small business owners today should use the latest technology to ensure their success. They can increase their exposure and their profits by taking advantage of tools that were not available to business owners in the past. These tools can help them succeed and survive in today’s market.

Being an avid user of card readers enables Nadine Swayne to write this article. Many Internet tools, such as Moblized, offer the versatility of mobile business transactions that can help bring your company to new heights of success.

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