How To Make The Most Of Your VoIP Service And Improve Communication Quality

08 Aug

55681Many offices and home businesses have switched over to using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service for their communication needs and are enjoying the numerous benefits it gives them. VoIP technology offers big savings when it comes to long-distance calling, makes use of rich media services and integrates a number of other applications and provides mobility wherever there is IP connectivity. Even with all of the advantages VoIP has given companies over their competitors that are conducting business communication without it, there have been concerns regarding the service’s reliability and voice quality not being as clear as customers are used to having with their landline devices. In recent years, those kinks have been majorly improved on the service provider’s end, but as with any kind of technology, there are several factors that will contribute to the quality of your VoIP service. Taking a look at these elements could easily amend any troubles you may be experiencing.


Having an Internet connection with enough bandwidth to support a VoIP service is one of the main considerations if you’re concerned with communication quality. A dial-up connection barely allows people to surf the web anymore, so it can’t really be expected to uphold everything VoIP technology is made to do. Make sure your Internet service provider is optimized for a VoIP phone system, and you may want to look into any business class services that are specifically configured for high volumes of data traffic. Not having enough bandwidth can result in a delay of correspondence or mechanical sounding voices.


Splurging on the higher priced equipment may be well worth it if it will save you the headache of interrupted communication. Inadequate equipment can often be the cause of a business’s poor call quality, however, research should definitely be done to determine which type of hardware will meet your requirements before spending the money on something you don’t need. A router can also affect quality if it is being used for phone calls and downloading data at the same time and is not really designed to do so. Sometimes, problems can easily be improved by simply keeping a good amount of distance between the router and phone adapter to avoid interference.

Phone Frequency

The type of VoIP phone you are using and its frequency may be contributing to the poor quality of your calls. Higher frequencies don’t always produce higher quality depending on the connection that you have. You may find that switching to a lower frequency is the solution to your complications.


Inclement weather is a factor that you can’t exactly control, but it can still be disturbing and frustrating when you’re trying to conduct a call and all you hear is static. Fortunately, a quick reboot by unplugging the hardware and plugging it back in can have you back up and running in no time. Changing to a higher quality cable is a longer term solution, albeit an expensive one, but if you live in an area where this may affect you quite a bit, it might be worth looking into.

VoIP services have the potential to blossom businesses and their communication capabilities, but it’s important to know what all of your options are with the system and how to improve any impending problems so that you may experience its full benefits.

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By Tiffany Olson

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