Can Your Business Compete Without ‘Follow The Sun’ Support?

10 Aug


Any successful businessman will know the pains of seeing your vision, being fully confident of its success but simply not having the workforce and the man hours to see it through to fruition in the timescale that you are wanting it completed in.


We all know the old saying, ‘time is money’, and like most quotes that include the word money in it, this is never more appropriate than when it is used in relation to business. Time is one of the key factors in the success of a business, along with a strong workforce and a successful idea.

Markets these days come and go like the tides and if your dilly dallying leads to missing that window of opportunity in which your business would have thrived it is an incredibly difficult thing to recover from; both physically and emotionally.

How ‘follow the sun’ can help

As a way of combating this problem big businesses now often utilise what is a relatively new concept that can make all the difference in the speed of a business’s development and thus its success in the market place. The concept is known as ‘follow the sun’, something that sounds a lot more fairy tale and magical than it actually shapes up to be. It is a fantastic idea all the same.

‘Follow the sun’ ensures that no time is wasted in the setting up and development of a business by utilising two teams who work together in cahoots. Rather than have them competing against each other to ensure maximum productivity, as is a technique used by a lot of businesses. The idea is to place one on one side of the world and the other on the other. For example, one team works on the west coast of America and the other is based in India.

This allows the team in America to work a normal day time shift but instead of allowing productivity to lay dormant overnight they pass on the workload to their colleagues on the other side of the world. This means that work will be done in the sun non-stop and at double the pace.

Now, it is fair to say that this is an incredibly strong idea for a business model, a truth that is mirrored by the amount of companies who are now deciding to utilise it and it does leave companies who are unable to fund or organise the logistics of such an enormous operation in a bit of a pickle.

The introduction of ‘follow the sun’ has made things more difficult for the smaller up and coming businesses of the world but that is just the world of business. Throughout history there have been inventions and developments that have shaped the face of business, but this is where businessmen really earn their crust.


Businesses can keep up and compete without ‘follow the sun’ it just requires them to think on their feet, use their initiative and do what they do best to keep up with the competition. ‘Follow the sun’ is less of a threat and more of an inspiration.

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Guest post contributed by Simon Hardman, a business consultant who regualrly works with small businesses who are looking to expand and grow their overall work force. Simon regularly recommends ‘follow the sun’ support to help stabilise companies in this uncertain time of expansion, using companies such as Moneypenny to act as remote business departments.


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