Insurance Basics for the Self Employed Entrepreneur

13 Feb

self-employed-insurance-e1375336375313Owning and running your own business may give you the freedom and enjoyment that you have always sought in your professional life. Even as you relish in being your own boss and setting the rules for your enterprise, however, you must still take care to avoid some of the more common pitfalls that lie in wait for countless business owners each year. Especially if you are in the earliest stages of building your venture, your financial assets may be less than reliable, making you and your company vulnerable to devastating losses should the unexpected happen. When you want to safeguard yourself, your business, your finances, and even your legal future, you would do well to invest in these kinds of insurance policies.
Liability Insurance

The biggest risk to your business could arrive in the form of lawsuit. If you rent or own a piece of property in which to run your company, you are legally obligated to keep visitors to your location safe from injury and harm. When a person falls or gets hurt while shopping or doing business in your store or office, that person may then decide to file an injury lawsuit against you. If you lack the proper insurance, you could have to pay the settlement out-of-pocket and possibly even liquidate your business to pay off this financial judgment. Rather than risk going bankrupt and having to close up shop, you can protect yourself against lawsuits and big judgments by having liability insurance in place.

Disability Coverage

You may be in the best of health right now. However, your future health is never guaranteed. A surprise bout of the flu or pneumonia could undermine your wellness and make it difficult or even impossible for you to go back to work anytime soon. When you are unable to go back to work, your business could suffer significant setbacks, leaving the future of your enterprise in limbo. If you want to protect yourself against the losses that can come if you get sick or hurt, you can do so by purchasing a good disability insurance policy.

In purchasing these policies make sure you understand what the insurance covers, and even go as far as to research your state’s laws. Knowing your legal rights as it relates to the type of disability insurance coverage you select can make the difference between maintaining the protection you seek, or ending up with nothing at all.  It is also advised that you seek legal direction from an attorney if you have any problems.  You can visit sites like to learn what to do if you insurance company tries to deny your disability claim.

Asset Protection

Even if you run your company out of your home, you would still fare well to invest in asset protection. Despite your best efforts to keep your physical assets safe from threats like flooding, storm damage, fire, and theft, you may be unable to ward off risks that could bring your success to a halt. Rather than suffer such losses to your venture, you can recoup some or all of these assets when you invest in asset protection insurance. If your business suffers a fire or is taken out in a storm or flood, you can make a claim against your policy and be compensated for that property loss.

Life Insurance

When you want your business to outlive you, you can ensure its longevity by investing in life insurance. If you pass suddenly and want your family to continue with the company that you established and nurtured, you can provide them with the financial stability to do so by having this coverage in place. As they rebuild their lives, they can utilize these funds to live on and to pay off some of the business’s debts, thus ensuring that your enterprise has the best chance of carrying on your legacy.

The entrepreneurial market is fraught with risks. You can avoid most of them by having the right insurance on hand for you and your loved ones.

Business owner and journalist Nadine Swayne has researched the areas of liability and disability insurance as she developed her own business. She recommends that you take the time to choose an insurance plan that will best benefit your business and take the time to research the laws in your state. Visit sites like to make sure you understand your rights.


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