International Toll Free Numbers: The Answer For Your Business?

03 Mar


Toll free numbers are a very convincing way for your company to generate new business. Because they can breathe new life into a stale marketing campaign, you’ll find that most consumers will stay connected to the actual toll free number on a regular basis. Even today’s tech-savvy world won’t deter how a customer sees a toll free number with close to 70 percent of consumers making over 50 toll free calls per year.
Customer Response

Toll free numbers are leading the way to customer interaction with over 85 percent of consumers responding to a toll free number across the United States. Customer interaction is also high when a company uses a toll free number because they are more apt to reach out to a business and seek assistance. When it comes to product returns, you’ll find a toll free number to be even more beneficial by offering them a free way that they can resolve an issue with a product without having to return an item.

On Trend Advertising

Getting a company recognized in today’s competitive world of busy can be tricky. However, vanity toll free numbers are a popular and effective method of advertising a business. The consumer can attach the actual vanity number when you spell out a product or service such as 1 800-NEW-DOOR. The personalized numbers can increase your company’s recognition by as much as 85 percent.

This can also help when a consumer loses your business card or brochure, and they want to refer your company to a friend or neighbor. Easy recognition also allows them to associate the toll free number with your product or service.

Positive Business Reflection

Customers also associate a phone number with the credibility and quality of a business. A company that strictly uses a generic and local number may get a good share of work. However, a consumer will typically choose a company with a toll free number over that of a local number. These phone identities, like Avoxi international toll free numbers, can also allow your company to advertise worldwide, so your company can grow and flourish.

If you have other employees within the company, you can assign these numbers to the various departments and remote offices. You can also set it to send calls to your smartphone. This allows individuals who travel for business and work from home to stay connected to their customer base and never miss an important call.

Outdated Approach?

With the latest technological advances of smartphones, laptops and tablets, you may see the toll free number as an outdated approach of doing business. However, statistics show the exact opposite. You’ll find that a wide range of consumers today are making these indentity numbers just as popular an option as it was in previous years.

Toll free numbers can help a company grow its consumer base by adding credibility and quality to the product or service that your business offers. They are also far reaching and can expand your businesses productivity and popularity worldwide and cut down on product returns.

Nadine Swayne knows the importance of consumer relations and the ease of interaction. Whether you choose a business phone identity for locals or worldwide outreach by using Avoxi international toll free numbers, communication is one of the most successful keys in commerce.


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