Can An Employee Cloud Crime Destroy Your Business?

15 Mar



As secure as cloud date storage services are, the minute possibility remains that your company’s most sensitive information could be breached. As unthinkable as such a breach might be, it can be even more devastating to you and your business if the criminal turns out to be one of your employees. When you want to be proactive and protect your enterprise at all costs, you may wonder precisely what kinds of damage could be inflicted by such an act. These possibilities, as well as what should happen in case you make a wrongful accusation, can help you safeguard your company and remain on alert at all times while you rely on this technology.

Compromising Your Customers’ Information

Many business owners keep their customers’ sensitive details stored in virtual clouds. From their credit card data to Social Security numbers, customers look to you to watch over these facts at all times and keep them safe from identity theft. When an employee is accused of stealing your clients’ identity information, you could face lawsuits, if not criminal charges because of this breach.

You can be proactive and on top of your cloud’s security by changing your account password frequently and sharing the account details with only those whom you trust entirely, if anyone at all. The extra steps you can take as a business owner is vital to help deter crime. As noted by one federal defense attorney Florida, “… law enforcement began keeping pace with the Internet’s growth, and today, some officials are specifically trained to identify and investigate illegal internet activity.”

Stealing Company Data And Banking Information

You may also store your company’s banking information and other discreet data in your virtual cloud. When these records are stolen or compromised, you have to worry about your tax records being wiped out, charges being made in the company’s name, and having your business tied to illegal activities. As with keeping your clients’ details safe, you should think carefully about what records you store in your cloud and to whom you entrust the login username and password. You should also make sure you only log into your cloud from a secure Wi-Fi connection.

As you face the possible destruction of your business because of a cloud crime, you could contribute to your downfall if you falsely accuse an employee of this wrongdoing. Before you make accusations or bring charges against someone in your ranks, you should gather as much evidence as possible and make sure this person is indeed at fault. If you fail to do so, you leave this person to rebuild their professional reputation and possibly could face a lawsuit brought by that individual.

Rebuilding After A Wrongful Charge

If you make a false accusation against one of your employees, you can help that person reclaim their future by taking these important steps:

• Publicly clear that person’s name

• Make sure your employees and clients know that person is innocent

• Help to pay the person’s legal expenses

• Settle any legal proceedings out of court
Your cooperation could be vital to that person returning to work and being able to hold their head high. Even more, it shows that you are willing to make your own mistakes right by taking possession of your error in judgment. You also will face the challenge to rebuild your own future. You can keep your business safe and focus on the days and months to come after a cloud crime by:

• Searching for the actual criminal

• Reorganizing your cloud security

• Taking proactive steps to protect and correct your customers’ breached information.

These remedies, as well as strategies for staying on guard to possible cloud crimes in your business, can help you keep your enterprise safe and productive, as well as salvage your relationships with your employees.

Nadine Swayne presents this information to all business owners to shed light on the ever-growing problem of Internet crime. She researched the term federal defense attorney Florida to attain valuable knowledge for companies to understand the severity of this offense.

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