Are You On Cloud 9 With Your Data Service?

20 Mar


Being successful in today’s competitive and fast-paced corporate world requires that you include data service as part of your business plan. When you rely on virtual cloud storage services, you will find that your company is more profitable and that you can focus on multitudes of tasks each day without compromising your security or your profitability. However, with more options for this storage coming available each day, you may at some point ask yourself if you are entirely satisfied with your data service. You can answer that question and make the best decision for your corporate needs by considering these possibilities.

Reasonable Storage Requirements

As your company grows and expands, so will your need for sufficient data storage. If your current provider limits the amount of information you can store, you may consider this limitation as a sign that you need to look for a new service. Cloud providers such as QTS, an Atlanta datacenter, should be able to provide the storage space that clients need without penalty or unreasonable limitations. This courtesy can help you grow your company without having to worry about paying for space that should already be available to you.

Good Customer Service

Just as you provide great service to your own customers, you expect this consideration to be shown to you when you approach your provider with questions or concerns. When you are routinely put on hold or have to speak with agents who perhaps are difficult to understand and communicate with, you may question whether or not this company really wants your business. Even more, when your issues seem to be brushed aside or delayed without explanation, you may have every reason to seek a new data cloud company. You are entitled to good customer service just like any other consumer.

Mobile Accessibility

The success of your business could depend greatly on how quickly you can obtain your stored information. Even if you are away from the office, it could be imperative that you are able to log in and get the information you need to serve your customers. Many cloud customers rely on mobile technology to grant them this convenience. If your cloud provider offers mobile apps or other remote accessibility, you can take this as a sign that your cloud service has your company’s best interests at heart and wants to help you succeed.

Security and Monitoring

Your customers and vendors expect you to take good care of their personal information. In turn, you expect your cloud provider to offer you the security and round-the-clock monitoring your company needs to keep your clients’ records safe. A good data storage business should be able to offer you the reassurance that your corporate information is safe and that only authorized parties can log in and access your clients’ data. If your provider has problems with security breaches or theft, you may be well advised to seek out a new company for this need.

Your success, profitability, and competitiveness may depend greatly on how well your data cloud provider serves your company. When you want the assurance that you have chosen a good business in which to store your sensitive records and information, you might feel more confident when you review these qualities. If your provider fails to satisfy any of these requirements, you may fare better to choose a new cloud storage business.

Former Atlanta business owner Nadine Swayne knows the importance of secured data storage. If you need to check out Cloud companies in the “the Peach State”, look online and search the term Atlanta datacenter to find a suitable candidate for your company.


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