Promotional Sports Items That will Make Your Brand a Winner

28 Mar

Promotional items are a great way to promote your company or brand, but when it comes to choosing what type of items, there is a huge amount of choice. If you are stuck for ideas on what marketing strategy to use next, why not give sports promotions items a go. Not only are they extremely easy to source, they have an element of fun and team spirit that can benefit your brand in numerous ways.
Some of the main benefits of choosing sporty promotional items are:
● They are easy to source and there is a huge amount of range.
● They cover a large variety of different budgets. Small, cheaper items can be great for mass distribution and more expensive items will create the wow factor.
● They are usually fun items that your customers will appreciate and keep.
● These items are often used in public places so are perfect for exposure.
● They can create a team spirit within your company. Team golf days or fun runs are a great way to promote your brand and get your employees together.
The Top Picks For Sports Related Promotional Items Are Below.
Golf can insinuate a sense of class and elegance for your company making branded golf balls and tees a great promotional item. Not only can they be used for your employees on a team golf day, your clients will appreciate the usable gift and unknowingly promote your brand while they play.
Sports bags are one of the most commonly used promotional products to promote a brand. Not only are they relatively cheap, they are very usable, large enough so that your brand is ery visible and they become a walking billboard for your company in public places.
Sports caps are even more popular than bags when it comes to promotional products. What makes a cap a great choice is the low cost of production and potential for mass distribution. Much like bags, they very useful,
are often worn in public and in the direct eye-line of everybody else.
It’s really important not to lose sight of the fun stuff when choosing a sports based promotional item. Balls, cricket sets or even fun pool items can be given away as free gifts when purchasing something else. Your customers will be grateful and your brand will come across as fun loving and positive.
Very small promotional items can sometimes be over looked however they play an important part when it comes to marketing your brand. Items such as sweat bands or drink bottles are extremely cheap to produce which gives you the potential for mass production. Imagine the impact your free gift will have if you handed out 10, 000 of them out at the cricket or a big sporting event!
“Tim has been working on as a branding expert for several years at CustomGear helping businesses promoting their brand through innovative promotional products. “


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