A new way to preserve food with no browning, tremendous flavor, vitamin, and mineral retention

27 May

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Our solar food dryers provide a natural and healthy way of preserving foods. No chemicals are used, energy comes from the sun. The color, flavor, vitamin, and mineral retention are superb. And the shelf life of foods dried this way can last for months if not years with no mold growth. The dryers are being used in Russia, The Ukraine, Cameroon, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Syria. We will soon have them in Honduras and possibly Haiti. Fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, coffee beans, edible flowers, herbs and spices can all be processed in this manor.  People have asked me “Why do I need a solar food dryer?” The simple answer is you may not. But many who garden all over the world as part of a sustainable lifestyle will adopt it. Small businesses will see the added value it will bring. NGO’s and nonprofits working with subsistence farmers, many large scale farmers, and many large scale growers will see the benefits of this system both in reduced costs of producing a higher quality dried food as well as the independence from a vulnerable centralized or somtimes nonexistent energy distribution system. (Please see our links page for technical documents)

     For years, the team of Mr. Claudio Menegatti and Mr. Aldo Villagrossi, two men of science, literature, music, and humanitarian concerns have worked diligently to bring solar food drying to remote villages of the world where electrical power is scarce or nonexistent, clean methods for food preservation are lacking, and women, particularly, gather wood for cooking fires miles from their homes. We now have three solar powered models that can change this situation for thousands while also bringing cost effective solar food preservation to backyard gardeners, small scale farmers, as well as commercial scale companies. Our goal is to manufacture the dryers in the US as well as license the technology to others around the world. We will be working with Ecovidaglobal, a nonprofit that works with communities throughout the Americas. They are now gearing up for a new project with a community in a remote part of Honduras.

You will find in our documents on the Links page, research from Italian organizations that overwhelmingly supports the solar food dryers. We are working on a US pilot project that we expect will confirm the Italian findings and lead us to many opportunities in the US. Documenting the impact of the dryer on a Honduran community will also serve as a model for use throughout the undeserved regions of the world. See contact information at bottom.

This model is the Elio. It is perfect for backyard gardeners, small remote villages, even small scale business operations. The components will be factory built. But the Elio will be delivered as a do it yourself kit. You will need basic hand tools to assemble it at your location. Within an hour, it will be ready for solar drying your fruits, vegetables and possibly fish and meats using the power of the sun and our patented solar panel.

Pumpkin varieties are grown throughout the Americas dating back almost 5000 years. One cup of pumpkin contains proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassim, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C12, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E3. It can be used for pies, cookies, and breads. The seeds are a great snack food. As a dried food the weight is reduced, it can be transported easily, vitamins and minerals remain. 


Some melons can be dried with our system. This is one research topic we will be exploring further.  We do not know of any other food dryer capable of preserving this watery fruit.

We can also sandwhich food together and dry it as a single item. The Strawberry Apple Peach product is ready for eating. I would drizzle some chocolate syrup on top and maybe some cashews, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon. I am not a fan of whipped cream but I can see it on this item and served in a pretty fancy restaurant that follows the slow food movement. 


The Zefiro has our patented solar hot air panels on the sides and roof. There are temperature controls as well to ensure that the foods are not baked but dried. Stainless steel food grade mesh shelving, enough shelving for production by farms, restaurants, and mid range producers make this portable unit (wheels) highly desireable. The Zefiro is working in Syria, Tunisia, Serbia, Croazia, and Italy.





The tunnel model is our largest solar food dyer. It can handle great quantities of food simultaneously. Solar hot air panels are on the roof. We can use solar electricity to power the fans. We also manufacture the cart so food can be prepared and wheeled directly into the drying chamber.  Through our research, we have found the optimal size for large operations like this. Our patented solar hot air panels are key as well as our continuing research, dedication to quality and making sure the techology is shared  with those that need it the most.  We can license the technology so you can build the tunnels with local materials. Our solar panels hold a patent. These are critical to ensuring the quality of the food produced meets or exceeds all safety regulations. People are using the Tunnel in Italy and Georgia (Russia)

North America:

For additional information on our solar dryers please contact Mr. Ronald Friedman our North American representative. 


Skype: Ronjf1



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