Relationship App is ‘Too Explicit’ For Google.

06 Aug

Google has banned a magazine app for being too sexually explicit – despite it containing no nude imagery or erotic stories.

Raw Attraction Magazine is an independent publication which caters for men and women who want to improve their dating and relationships.

Yet the magazine’s app has been removed from the Google Play Store – where it had been available for download to Android mobile phone devices.

Google would only give the reason that the app is “too explicit”. An appeal by the magazine’s founder and editor Steve Burford has been refused.

In an email to Mr Burford Google stated: “We have reviewed your appeal and will not be reinstating your app. This decision is final and we will not be responding to any additional emails regarding this removal.”

The app remains available for download to Apple devices through iTunes where it has hundreds of positive reviews.

Mr Burford said he was puzzled by Google’s decision to remove the app for being too explicit. He said: “I can’t understand it as we have never had so much as a photo of a bare nipple in the magazine.

“There are far more explicit apps available in the Google Play Store. If you use an Android device and search ‘sex’ you will find ‘A man’s guide to oral sex’ and ‘A woman’s guide to oral sex’

“There’s also ‘The Porn Stars Guide to Great Sex’ and ‘The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex’ as well as many other sex based books or apps.

“Yet our little magazine promoting relationship advice is the one that gets picked on and banned and they won’t even explain why except to say it’s ‘too explicit’. I really am at a loss to understand this.

“Google’s non communication is farcical. Our mission is to educate men and women about the truth of our sexuality. For too long this information has been suppressed.

“For Google to shut us out from the Android market, 55% of the market, for no good reason is wholly unfair. It is a huge setback for a small, independent startup ”

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