Contaminating Our Drinking Water? Bad Idea!

21 Aug


Ask Your Members of Congress to Protect Our Water and Ban Fracking

We Can Put a Stop to Fracking

Tell Your Legislators:
Ban Fracking Now!

Fracking is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. Politicians, from state governors all the way up to the White House, say that drilling for natural gas is the answer to our energy woes. But they’re ignoring the facts: fracking for gas pollutes our air and water, poisons nearby communities, and worsens climate change. All of that, and it doesn’t even address our real energy needs. That’s why I’m asking for your help to fight back.

Tell your members of Congress to ban fracking now.

Fracking is a destructive process of extracting oil and gas from deep underground by fracturing layers of rock with a high-pressure blast of toxic chemicals, water and sand. Why is fracking so bad? The dangers are proven:

  • Fracking pollutes — a lot! It wastes millions of gallons of water, releases toxic fumes and leaves behind pools of radioactive wastewater that can’t be transported or disposed of safely. Even worse, oil and gas companies aren’t required to disclose the chemicals they use, but we know that fracking fluid includes carcinogens and endocrine disruptors — seriously nasty stuff.
  • Fracking hurts communities. We’re hearing more and more stories about families getting sick when they live near fracking wells. Often, fracked communities can no longer even drink the local water — instead, they rely on water that’s trucked in by the very companies that poisoned their groundwater.
  • Fracking affects everyone, no matter where you live, because water doesn’t stay put. Contaminated water and fracking waste are a serious threat to our precious, limited supply of fresh water on this planet. The same goes for air pollution caused by fracking.
  • Fracking worsens climate change. The methane released from fracking wells can be even more damaging to our climate than burning coal.

The only “benefit” of fracking is that it lines the pockets of the big oil and gas companies that are lobbying hard to expand their right to frack, without a care for what damage they’re causing in the process. Let’s put a stop to this. Take action for a ban on fracking.

The good news is that together we can stop fracking. As more and more people call for a ban on fracking, elected officials are starting to get the point. Food & Water Watch was the first national organization to call for a fracking ban, and since then our activists have worked tirelessly and pushed back against efforts to frack all across the country. We’ve held off fracking in New York longer than anyone thought possible. Communities that have already suffered from fracking, like Longmont, Colorado, are rising up to pass local bans. But we need to protect every community in the country by calling for a national ban on fracking: to slow or stop the process where it’s already happening, and elsewhere, to prevent it before it starts.

We can’t sacrifice our water, our climate and our communities to fracking. Ask your members of Congress to ban fracking now.

Thanks for taking action,

Miranda Carter
National Online Campaign Manager
Food & Water Watch

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