Three top sales blunders

17 Nov




So…you have all these leads and you’re breaking your neck trying to make a sale.  You got your top hat and tap dancing shoes on – but STILL don’t seem to be impressing anyone. Why are none of these leads converting?!


Well, it could be because you’re making one (or all!) of these three top sales blunders! Check it out:


  1. You don’t really know your audience. You can give the best sales pitch ever about why your paper is better than your competitors. But if you’re talking to a company that just went paperless – you’re spinning your wheels, my friend.


  1. You’re not following up fast enough. We live in the age of Twitter, where the average attention span is 8 seconds…literally.  71% of leads are lost by not following up quickly. You don’t have time to put the best prospects into slow nurture cycles. Move it or lose it!


  1. You give the customer too many options. You can’t just market everything to everybody. Studies show that if you give people too many options, they won’t choose anything at all!


Mintigo has set out to change the lives of sales teams everywhere by solving these problems with smart data. In fact Oracle’s Marketing Cloud and Eloqua system  use Mintigo to be the data-brain for their new AppCloud, which uses predictive marketing!


Almost every growing business has experienced a breakdown between the marketing and sales departments. Some companies generate thousands of leads per month that simply do not convert into paying customers because A) they’re attracting the wrong kind of leads and / or B) they are so overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, that they’re not following up with the right ones. What good is all that marketing if you can’t show an ROI?


To bridge this gap, Mintigo’s predictive marketing technology basically goes into your company’s CRM and pulls data about your leads from all over the internet to create a complete customer DNA. This could be information like, what software their business uses, what types of hiring are the doing, how much they spend on Google Ads every month, and so on.


This information completes the profiles of your leads and then scores them based on how likely they are to buy your product. That way, your sales team can focus their time on going after the top leads (who will most likely convert), instead of wasting a bunch of time on dead end leads.


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