Just how afraid of North Korea should we be?

23 Dec

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un


I think every “good red-blooded American” (whatever that is) has pretty much the same reaction to being threatened by the little boy with the egg head – Fuh-Kim!” but before we over-react to statements like the one below, we might want to take the second picture.

North Korea demands joint inquiry with US into Sony Pictures hack

Pyongyang denies responsibility for cyber-attack and threatens grave consequences if Washington continues to blame it

My initial reaction was to think that they are really not in any position to demand anything.  Then I began to think about it. This might be all about positioning right now, but A new analysis of North Korea’s nuclear program by a group of top U.S. experts, led by David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security, estimates that North Korea could have enough material for 79 nuclear weapons by 2020.

I believe that one of the major reasons the cold war ended was not a diplomatic one, as much as we had a president in Regan that not only had an itchy finger on the “red button” but  his dementia was being fairly well accepted and it was almost universally understood that he was just crazy enough to push the damn thing out of spite.

Kim Jong-un is just pissed off enough about being short, ugly, and oblong that he might just feel the same way.  What does HE have to loose?  Then there are the neighbors.  With Russia, one of our strongest allies (just ask Putin as he moves more troops across his other boarders on “peace keeping” exercises) on the North East, and China (the worlds largest economy having recently overtaken the US) on the other, he is not alone.


Crowd Mentality:  When you have people alone, one on one, they are generally cordial.  When you get a bunch of “like minded” people together their collective influence is usually more powerful than the sum of the parts.  This is called synergy.  It could also be called trouble for US – literally.It is good timing for this little group to be considering all the years of being treated like the third world countries they were, to think that circumstances have changed enough to turn the tables.

Its not about the movie:  We know damn well that the cyber hackers that hit Sony had a bit of help from China. Most in North Korea dont have access to reliable electricity, let alone a sophisticated hacking station.  The demands that we never show a comedy even in bootleg form or post it on the internet, or let HBO get hold of it, or look at the trailers….are so ridiculous it makes me wonder if they are just an excuse to do some more saber rattling.

They have two more years of a lame-duck president who has allowed the military to get to a point that we are unable to launch any kind of attack that would remotely rival desert storm.

Would this be a good time to “re-negotiate” the term “the most powerful nation in the world.”


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