Did the right thing in demanding water conservation

03 Apr

by RD Sollars

Screen-Shot-2012-09-18-at-1.32.03-PM            This week Governor Jerry Brown announced that people would be fined and ticketed if they didn’t follow the new water restrictions in California. There ae far too many restrictions to talk about here, including on the produce the rest of the world consumes.

But there is a solution that California can implement a couple actually that could keep the consumption of water virtually at a standstill. At least until the rains reappear and replenish the supply – sometime in the next 10 years (if it’s on time next year).

Some of these will be scoffed at and I can hear guffaws already. But I can guarantee you they will work and save that state from becoming like Sonora Mexico.

#1 stop enticing companies to move to California. If businesses stop moving to California then there will be less water consumed by a business and more left to the people who need it. And yes this does mean ALL new businesses. The expansion of existing businesses should be allowed, but new ones no.

#2 stop trying to entice new sports franchises to come to California. Think about how much water a major franchise would use in their games. From an NFL team with 8-10 games a year to baseball, basketball, or hockey teams using water in 42-55 games a year! Each with 30,000 to 80,000 fans per game! That would be a major savings.
#3 is not allowing new restaurants to open up, unless one closes. This would save a ton of water on the washing of pots, pans, and dishes. While most sit down restaurants use regulars dishes and flatware as well as the pots and pans necessary to cook the food, likewise fast food places utilize cookie sheets as well as pots and pans. They all have to be to be scrubbed and washed. Make them use paper plates and plastic flatware that be recycled for dishes and such. But the idea is to not overload the system with innumerable new restaurants.

#4 close all new entertainment parks and expansions of parks. Sea World, Disney land, and so on consume millions of gallons of water a year. If we limit them to no more expansions of construction until the shortage is over…

#5 prevent new people from moving into the state unless they are accepting a new job. And those who have lost their jobs? Then encourage them to leave the state if they haven’t found a job within 6-12 months. This would decrease the population in a humane manner and save the state money in the long run.

#6 this also goes along with not allowing the colleges and universities to recruit more students than the current graduating classes. This would keep current enrollments at a standard level rate until the shortage is confirmed to be over.

These steps may seem extreme, but they will work. Yes they will drive business out of California, but that will just make the air cleaner in the long run. Yes the tax base will decrease, but then there will be less people to waste money on and other projects won’t be needed. It’ll keep businesses out that want to come in, on the other hand they won’t be using the resources the current businesses and citizens need to survive on a daily basis.


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