30 Oct



I  had the pleasure of reading the first draft, and what a difference a day makes!!!

It is a page turner from the start.  Some of the concepts and settings are so bizarre it’s hard to conceptualize, or process what is going on.  Some may think that sounds negative, but in this case it works.  Mike keeps you guessing throughout the book.  When you think you have it figured out, you are wrong.

The characters are entertaining enough in their own right, but the story line is unique and immensely entertaining.

He even gave me closure at the end.  Thanks Mike, for listening. Too much Spielberg in my past to enjoy being left hanging.  This book does not disappoint!

MMCoverFinal-Mod-8-26-webThe Devil’s Marque
is a science fiction mystery about Calliope Dancer and what’s happening to all of Mr. Appleyard’s unsavory clients. His cash flow is taking a hit and he’s very unhappy about it. Then along comes a mysterious lawyer and a very old connection to China. It all happens over a summer, and the last 112 years, maybe more. Even Calliope’s special candy doesn’t help her much this time – or with her own guilt about her client either. Good and evil are just ambiguous concepts after all. Everything is something it isn’t. Even the first time we meet other beings.

Meet Calliope Dancer: confectiontionaire extraordinaire with abilities to connive, control, and correct everything she contracts for and more. Or she thought until  a spider and a lawyer catch her in their web, and her candy helps not at all to get her beyond their wall. The police are unamused and her client unsatisfied. Now what can she do?

What starts out as a favor for a friend soon turns into a very strange and dangerous assignment from a client that Calliope wishes she had never heard of. Good and evil weave a tangled web that only a very old and crafty being seems to understand. Maybe it is just a dream from too much sugar and chemistry.

After all, life can’t be that strange – can it?

Mike Macartney is an aerospace engineer from Nevada. He spent a career in the space business as an analysis engineer, an engineering manager, an armored vehicle business manager, and a consultant to NASA. He helped to found an IT and a software company in Northern California.



Looking for a Great Short Read? The Devil’s Marque


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