Just The Good Stuff From The Republican Debate

15 Jan

The sixth Republican Primary debate of the year was Thursday night. Whether you’re looking for the long Ben Carson ramble or a Trump-Cruz showdown, Digg has you covered with all the highlights. You can find the full transcripthere.

Cruz And Trump Talked The Most

Politico published the talking time that each candidate was able to take up. Cruz came out on top and Trump was a close second.


Along with the most talking time, Cruz also got the most direct mentions among the Republicans according to FiveThirtyEight — not necessarily a good thing.


Trump Explained What He Would Do With His Company If Elected

When asked if he would place his assets in a blind trust, Trump talked exclusively about the management of his company instead, not exactly grasping the concept: “If I become president I couldn’t care less about my company…I would have my children run it with my executives.


Rubio And Cruz Fought Over Taxes

Cruz claimed that his tax plan is not a Value-Added Tax (VAT) — a form of consumption tax — but Marco Rubio disputed this. IBTimes explains what a VAT Tax is and MarketWatch explains why Cruz’s plan counts as one and why it needs work.

When Christie got in the mix, Marco tried to budge his way back in, and Christie delivered one of the sassiest retorts of the night saying, “you already had your chance, Marco, you blew it!”


Trump And The Candidates Responded To The Idea Of A Ban On Muslim Immigration

Trump defended his previous statements calling for a ban on Muslim immigration, saying, “I want security for this country. We have a serious problem with, as you know, with radical Islam.”

The other candidates also had a chance to respond to Trump’s statements.

Christie: “You can’t just ban all Muslims. You have to ban radical Islamic jihadists.

Cruz: “We have a president who refuses to acknowledge the threats we face and worse who acts as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorism…I think what we need is a commander in chief who is focused like a laser on keeping this country safe and on defeating radical Islamic terrorism”

Rubio: “If we do not know who you are, and we do not know why you are coming, when I am president, you are not getting into the United States.”

Carson: “And clearly, what we need to do is get a group of experts together, including people from other countries, some of our friends from Israel, who have had experience screening these people and come up with new guidelines for immigration, and for visas, for people who are coming into this country.”

Cruz Criticized Trump And His New York Values

Cruz supported comments he had made about Trump’s New York values: “I think most people know exactly what New York values are…not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan.”

Trump turned to 9/11 to illustrate why Cruz has it all wrong.

The Candidates Tried To Refocus When Asked About Gun Control

The candidates responded to a question crafted in response to recent shootings and Obama’s recent executive order that places more scrutiny on gun sellers: “What is the harm in tightening standards for not only who buys guns, but those who sell them?”

Bush: “We don’t need to add new rules, we need to make sure the FBI does its job.”

Trump moved the issue to mental health: “I’m a second-amendment person…We have a huge mental health problem in this country.”

Rubio said Obama’s measures won’t help: “The Second Amendment is not an option. It is not a suggestion…Criminals don’t buy their guns from a gun show…Here’s the fact, we’re in a war against ISIS.”

Christie attacked Obama’s methods: “The president wants to do things without working with his Congress … that’s not a democracy, that’s a dictatorship. This guy is a petulant child…Mr.President, we’re not against you, we’re against your policies…we are going to kick your rear-end out of the White House.”

Cruz And Trump Sparred Over Cruz’s Birth Status And His Eligibility To Run

Ted Cruz was born in Canada to American parents. Some, including Donald Trump, have questioned Cruz’s eligibility to run for president based on this fact. Cruz sarcastically responded a question on the topic before listing many candidates who have run with the same status:

Cruz: “I’m glad we’re focusing on the important topics of the evening.”

Ted Cruz Responded To A New York Times Report Claiming He Failed To Disclose A Significant Loan Used In His Last Campaign

On Wednesday, The Times published a report claiming that Cruz may have obscured a large loan he took from Goldman Sachs to use in his senate campaign. Cruz responded in the debate, calling it a “hit piece,” but admitting a mistake:

“I made a paperwork error disclosing it on one piece of paper instead of the other.”

Rubio And Bush Came Down Hard On Hillary

Speaking on Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush said she would be a “national security disaster…Her first 100 days instead of setting an agenda she might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse.”

Marco Rubio piggybacked on Bush saying, “Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being Commander in Chief of the United States.”

Cruz Got The Opening Question

When asked about the economy, Cruz took the opportunity to invoke therecent and day-long capture of US soldiers who crossed into Iranian seas, noting that a Republican leader would not have let that happen.

He then spoke on the economy:

“The Obama-Clinton economy has left behind the working men of this country.”

Chris Christie continued the critique, criticizing Obama’s State of the Union: “On Tuesday night, I watched storytime with Barack Obama.”

Who’s Leading In Endorsements?

FiveThirtyEight put together a nice chart illustrating who’s leading the pack in terms of endorsements. Interestingly, the two poll leaders (Trump and Cruz) fall very low on the list.


Highlights From The Undercard Debate

You can read the full transcript here.

Fiorina Called The Putin-Trump Relationship A Bromance

Fiorina said, “Despite Donald Trump’s bromance with Putin, Vladamir Putin is not our friend.”

CNN has more on their relationship.


The Candidates And The Audience Lashed Out At Obama Over Guns

The audience booed at the moderators’ invocation of poll numbers that indicate that the majority of people in the US support background checks for gun purchases.


Huckabee insisted that gun-control doesn’t make us safer: “The one common thing that has happened in most mass shootings is that they happened in gun-free zones.”

A report from Everytown Research puts the actual number at 13%.

Fiorina Asked For A Halt On The Acceptance Of Refugees

“We cannot allow refugees to enter this country unless we can adequately vet them, and we know we can’t.”

Rand Paul Released A Video During The Debate Addressing His Absence

“Don’t be led by the nose to the future that includes only the banal and soporific…”

Fiorina Took Jabs At Hillary

Fiorina took a nasty jab at Hillary during the beginning of the debate, saying, “Unlike some other women in this race, I actually like spending time with my husband.”


She went on to say, “Mrs. Clinton, actually you cannot wipe a server with a towel.”

How Popular The Candidates Were Heading Into The Debate

FiveThirtyEight published a nice graphic illustrating all the candidates’ average favorability ranking. Like last time, Rubio went in leading the pack.


Meet The Candidates

In an unsurprising turn of events, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul were booted from the primetime slot. Fiorina joined Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee for the undercard debate, while Rand Paul chose not to participate.

The participants of the primetime debate included Donald Trump, Ted Cruz,Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich.

The podium order for Thursday evening’s debate                                     Screenshot via Fox Business News

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