You thought it was bad now! Just wait!

24 May


By Robert D. Sollars

Within a few years we are going to be knee deep, worse than even now, in blood in  our schools and businesses. That statement is simple enough to explain. Our society is going through a multitude of changes. And being bluntly honest, not all of them are for the better. In fact some are for the worse.

 We want everyone to like us and everyone to be equal to everyone. But that isn’t realistic or practical, is it? Everyone gets a ceremony and trophy. No one learns how to fail in life. Then when they get older & do fail… they don’t know how to cope with it.

And while it’s not a good thing, parents continue to  teach their kids how to expect to have everything they want handed to them on a silver platter on bended knee. And if it’s not then they step in and try to fill the gaps left by mean old bullying society.  They hover over their precious lil angels for life and coddle them and don’t let them fail which also means they don’t succeed without ‘mommies’ help.

There are many, far too many, reports where students spend more time on the phone with their parents, mainly mom, than with their studies. And when it comes to athletics it can be worse. And if they get a failing grade at whatever level of school… The teacher, system, administration is against their angel because they are____ fill in your own words.

Jeremy Schapp, ESPN Radio, interviewed a few college coaches on their athletes a few years ago. They said that more than a few of their athletes called or were called by their parents as many as 10 to 20 times a day! And both the parents and kids get very upset if they aren’t excused to go talk to their protector/angel. And this usually results in a report to the Athletic Director or other administration.

Then there are those of this generation who take their parents to job interviews. Then it is the parents who ‘grill’ & question the interviewer about the job and not the one who is supposed to be getting interviewed. And as with college, they talk to their parents at all times of the work day when something upsets them & things don’t go their way.

And this generation is just the first wave of these kids. And we can see problems with them in the educational system and subsequently the work world, where we will have to deal with their shortcomings. Now being fair, not all of these kids are like this. Some are actually hard working people, like their (great) grandparents were post WWII. Some are even model successful entrepreneurs.

But, there are numerous stories out there about how these kids can’t either find or keep a job and end up living at home until their 30s or 40s. They have been taught they deserve $50,000, or whatever figure you wish to place here, a year. And they can sit around and don’t have to work too hard to keep it, until they get bored in a few minutes, then they can quit. The problem, again, is that they were never taught to take criticism or fail, not to mention that mommy & daddy are always there to catch them if they fall.

In the business world today I have noticed that so many of the younger people don’t care about doing a good job. These people have no clue what customer service is nor do they know how to talk to people or accept the fact that people have problems that they are supposed to solve. And the worst part of this is that they don’t seem to care. And it really doesn’t matter if it is a disabled person like me or a perfectly capable person who needs guidance to find the coffee in a new store.

So as they start getting older and start experiencing a new reality with their managers, either their age, younger, or older, they will become more frustrated. As they become more frustrated and fail for the first time in their lives… They are going to get upset, angry, and begin to retaliate against those people who have wronged them for no reason, they will be more apt to pick up a firearm and settle it to show them that they can’t talk to them that way.

They will do what makes them feel good, just like the 80’s with the start of mass workplace violence,  about themselves, because that’s what they were taught, do what you have to make yourself feel better, empowered, & increase your self-esteem, no matter what it is.

If you don’t think that’s true, look at drug use amongst younger people. What about acceptance of things that even a generation ago would have been considered abnormal? And some of those were so abhorrent it would draw a horrified gasp from our parents and grandparents not to mention society.

So what are our options in attempting to prevent rivers of blood in schools & businesses in the coming years? Stop sheltering our kids. In real life, not everyone gets a trophy or a pat on the back for a good job. Some people fail and some have success. But you have to make your own success with no one to necessarily count on for help

None of us died of abuse or because our parents were hard on us. None of us were sickened by our parents forcing us to take responsibility for what we did wrong. We all survived into adulthood climbing on trees, rock piles, playing chicken with cars, & playing with toy guns, cowboys & Indians, war, aliens & spacemen, or whatever it was. I believe that it cemented the United States as a place where we could do such things without an overbearing government telling us we couldn’t because it was politically incorrect!

So we can either step back or start teaching our kids to fail and that not everyone deserves a trophy and let kids be kids, no matter how or what they play. Some of them, and us of my generation, will not be patted on the back or congratulated, mainly because we and our managers thought it was our job and nothing exceptional when we did do something right and for the betterment of the company/client.

I would prefer to stay in business and train people how to avoid both WPV and SV. But is being honest, open, and free in the cards with this new generation? Or are we going down the garden path, where everything is sunshine, roses, & rainbows with unicorns & fairy’s playing in a field of poppies?

“There is no fate, except what we make”

Sarah Connor aka Linda Hamilton – Terminator 2


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