Hey progressives, Liberals, socialists, and communists! Gun control won’t work!

23 Nov

wpid-gregaryidiotBy Robert Sollars –

After I get verbally pounded and threatened by those groups in the title and they have stopped reading this because after all I’m the one who is misinformed and not them… It simply won’t work, no-where near as quickly, efficiently, or effectively as they would have you believe.

Every time a crime utilizing a firearm is committed, usually workplace or school violence, there is a feeding frenzy about gun control, as the only viable alternative. It’s reminiscent of sharks at the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. And unfortunately it is the politicians looking for votes, progressive, socialistic, communistic and other groups as well as celebrities, who begin pushing for better and more regulatory control.

In roughly 90% of all incidents that are perpetrated using a firearm, they were purchased legally, and then borrowed, or stolen, from the legal owner. And you need an example… Sandy Hook Elementary. In any of those cases gun control would not have prevented them.

We can’t stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling, ISIS, or states breaking federal law (marijuana, discounting the benefits of medical use). They are all illegal so how do we expect stricter laws to prevent violence from firearms? It won’t. No matter what we do, the criminals will always have access to firearms. If felons, or illegal immigrants, aren’t supposed to have firearms, strict laws against it, then how do we arrest so many with a firearm?

And if we regulate them out of private ownership, what other items will we ban when they start causing crime? All of the following can cause serious injury, death, & trauma to a person and their families; Knives, vehicles, pencils, screwdrivers, pipe wrenches…?These items take many more lives than firearms in our country just not reported on as such because it’s not sensational and falling in line with the liberal agenda of control.

A firearm is not dangerous unless used improperly.  Much like a pencil, knife, pipe wrench, and so on. They can’t do any harm to anyone unless used improperly. If used improperly cars, alcohol, and drugs (both illegal and legal) cause more death & destruction than firearms, except during war. So why don’t we ban war as well, it would be better for the environment and our health would it not?

Overturning parts of the Constitution is easy if you have enough people on your side, prohibition for example. Several 2016 Presidential candidates stated they want to overturn parts of the 1st Amendment and make it harder to exercise our fundamental right of free speech, because it can be inflammatory and libelous… to certain groups of people i.e. Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, and etc. We need to grow up and stop whining about being offended.

Remember that then President Clinton signed a United Nations agreement in 1996 that stated that all personally owned firearms should be confiscated and banned. And current President Obama has stated that he wants the Senate to ratify that Small Arms Treaty.

There is no such thing as gun control anywhere in the United States. The cities with the strictest firearm laws have some of the worst murder rates in the United States. An example is Chicago. 2012-June 2015 has seen more than 6,000 murders and countless other crimes with firearms, (Kinda ironic that President Obama is from there and says virtually nothing about that huh?). The entire state of Illinois and California now has some of the most restrictive firearm laws in the country.

Look at the statistics of open carry states. Those with open carry laws have lower violent crime rates than those with strict laws. Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, & Texas. Compare their violent crime rates, per capita, with California, New York, Michigan, and Illinois. They have the most population, but also have, per capita, the highest rates of violent crime.

I don’t like more government control and regulation on us. The Constitution is not a malleable instrument and unless we are ready for another Constitutional Convention and throw out the old and in with a new one… ‘If you ban guns the only ones to have guns will be criminals’. Again, if we regulate lawful and responsible gun ownership out of existence, do you really think that gun violence will end? And then where do the social progressives go from there? Can you say slippery slope?

And just as an added factoid, do you know why we have so much violence in this country with firearms compared to most European and Asian countries? It’s very simple and a basic fact that is carefully avoided by most firearm hating groups and news organizations. Look at the differences in population sizes. We have more than 345 million, including illegals, in the America. That’s nearly 10 times the populations of many of those countries.

Take off your ideological hats and think clearly for a second to look at the facts. You don’t live on Fantasy Island; you live in the United States of America. Founded on God, country, family, and protecting our God given rights to protect ourselves.


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