On Going Conflicts and the Killing of the News

19 Jan

With media control of information or the presenting of miss-information spiralling way out of control over the last 8-10 years the worlds populations have been become numb and given up any hope for truth basically became mindless worker ants any attempts to speak truthful or present facts were quickly spun by negative off the topic responses and or detained from gaining any forward movement this methodical process has cleverly disguised the world current conflicts from society “unless of course you live within one of these zones”.

Sitting down drinking a cup of your favourite hot beverage and reading the newspaper for current events and watching the supposed news outlets was a popular way to gain knowledge of the world we live in and with knowledge came the informed people standing up in groups demanding answers peaceful protests all of which brought a spot light to activities that were widely unpopular but now in this highly advanced world the tables have turned on the very people who work every day just to survive.

Big governments and powerful corporations just could not take any more pressuring from the mere peasants “98% of world’s population” and controlling social media, news media, universities, and false propaganda became the perfect process to dumb the population down and control their reality of true and false and it worked like a charm just turn on any channel of your television or any social media site.

We allowed over taxing and high rise of government programs “supposedly used to curb and control violence” and outrageous cost of living to spin out of control we just got so busy just trying to survive and that blinded us so media could twist and turn any news into a cash cow so much so it wasn’t necessarily hidden from the public it just became business as usual “the biggest donation got the media’s control” and we sucked it up like a sponge.

2017 came in with major disruption to the business as usual groups causing them to come unglued in manners you would see from a two year old that just got told no. With the election of one single man that fought the establishment all of the sudden the end of the world has arrived, doom and gloom, rise of evil, the war machine oh no head for the bunkers the apocalypse is upon us!

What is interesting is just how many world leaders are now willing to talk or even perhaps work on curbing out of control spending, address immigration, fight terrorist organisations, address the ridiculous one world order agenda and even call a criminal a criminal and this all leads me to believe the business as usual groups will be become less and less visible to the public as all the chaos they developed comes to light and eyes open up and can you blame them billions of angry people prepared to throw a rope over the branch and watch them swing.

The business of war was busy at work right under our noses for many years now and the business as usual groups assisted in setting up more chaotic groups IE: “ISIS” just to insure that conflict continued well into the future and it will it is now a question on how to slow that down without crippling economies.

This is all of course my opinion but with it all I can see the defence industry from air craft to civilian armored vehicles will be very busy well into the next 10 years. Below is current conflicts by Wikipedia.

Deaths by country

This section details armed conflict-related fatalities by country in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Countries with more than 1,000 violent deaths in 2014 and 2015 are included and compared with the deadliest countries in 2013.


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