If we handle it like we would a sexual harassment case, Trump is guilty as hell

08 Jun

          Bill O'Reilly lost his job for it, and that was not about national security
by Steve Ulrich

Trump did not “order” Comey to break the law, but he sure tried to badger him into it.

I have just been watching the Comey Testimony.

I made a comment that Trump appears to have been “shady” enough not to have ordered Comey to drop the investigation.  He kept saying he appreciated Comey’s loyalty, he HOPED that the “Russia investigation” would be dropped.  He “hoped” that Mikel Flynn would be left alone because “he’s a good guy.”  Sitting with the President of the United States (the office, not the man) can be intimidating enough.  This a ruthless, bully of a man that is used to pounding through negotiations and getting his way.  Comey is a very honorable, if not somewhat timid man, who didn’t have the temerity to just tell his “boss” that it would be illegal for him to conduct himself that way, and to go to hell.  You have the President of the United States telling you to stop an investigation, to virtually commit treaason. He was stunned.  Sure, it would have been better if he had just said “Mr. President, you cannot ask me to do this.”

Your colleagues are shocked and want to know what they should do with the information.  The leaders of the FBI didn’t know if they should share with the leaders of the Justice Department.  The attorney general was about to (and later did) recuse himself from the case. Frankly they didn’t know what to do with this. Comey has now come forward in a public, non-classified environment to share this.

The esteemed Republican senator from Idaho, after placating Comey by praising his character and record, was quick to point out that “nobody has ever been charged with hoping.”

I took this at face value, and point of law. Trump never made a direct order for Comey to break the law here.  It was pure innuendo and suggestion.

Trump has weaseled out on a technicality once again.

­­­­­­­­­­Until my wife brought up the fact that if this were a sexual harassment case, he would be fried.  “Oh, Jane Doe, I would love for you to stay, I hope you will have sex with me.”   “I am the president, and it would really do you and your career good if you stayed and screwed me.” Oh, you won’t?  You’re fired!

SAME THING.  If the prosecution goes after this as a pure “harassment” case, we would have successfully prosecuted him.  Fortunately, for the American People, this harassment was an enticement to suppress evidence, medal with an ongoing classified security investigation, and commit treason.  THAT, is grounds for impeachment and imprisonment.



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