The Tenets of school violence Prevention

16 May

There are several tenets of preventing school violence that everyone needs to know. I want to give you a look at them and then leave it up to you to read, see, and implement them.

  1. It can happen to anyone, any-where, at any time, for any reason.

It doesn’t matter how small your school is, it can happen there. Firearms have been confiscated in schools as small as a couple of hundred students. Shootings have occurred in schools that serve an entire county, Faucett Missouri 1988, which is the incident that got me started thinking about school violence.

2.Take responsibility and be accountable

For parents they need to take responsibility for their children and what they do and not deny or freak out if someone accuses their teenager of doing something wrong. Likewise, schools need to be accountable for the things that they do and don’t do to prevent these, injurious or not, incidents

3. The CHH attitude

The most dangerous attitude that anyone within the school can have. It extends to parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the school district officials. It means that they believe it can’t happen here to their school…for whatever reason.

4. We can either choose to act upon or ignore the warning signs

If you act upon the warning signs, all 22 of them, then you may prevent an incident. No guarantees of this but Sometimes they are ignored and… Look at the warning signs that were ignored by the Broward County Sheriff’s office and FBI in Parkland Florida.

5.  Warning signs

If you see as many as 4 of the warning signs in another student or teenager then you probably don’t have too much to worry about. But if you begin to see 7 or more it may be time to worry and take action.

6. Hold the school accountable for physical security

A parent doesn’t need to know every security measure that the school has in place, but they do need to know if measures are in place to protect their children. The schools need to know what measures they need to have and then take the initiative to install or implement them, without costing the tax payer millions of dollars on elaborate ideas when simple ones would work just as well or better.

7. Training

Most schools have an active shooter plan but are afraid to run drills for fear of alarming parents and students. They are afraid to upset the mentally and psychologically fragile teenagers we seem to be raising. By upsetting them, they risk having a parent filing a lawsuit because their lil angel was traumatized. They would be traumatized worse if an incident occurred by seeing blood splatter everywhere, or on them, and hearing gun shots reverberating in their heads.

  1. Use the Fight, run, or hide method

This is contrary to every thing you have heard about an active shooter incident. It can prevent your teenager or child from becoming prey to a predator that walks on 2 legs and carries a deadly weapon. 2 recent incidents in the news has proven this out very well, Antioch, TN. In a Waffle House on April 22nd and Phoenix on the 9th of May in a Circle K.


These are the basic items that you need to learn in helping to prevent violence in our schools and our children from being murdered there. Remember parents don’t necessarily need to know all of the security measures. They just need to be assured that children are safe and secure inside the school as they should be. The school needs to remember that if they lie or mislead parents about security measures…they open themselves up to lawsuits and will cost everyone, especially our children, financial resources that could have been used elsewhere for their betterment and education.

Robert D. Sollars has more than 35 years of experience in the security field and assists organizations to safeguard the lives of their employees & students to lessen their risk of violence as well as other security related issues with time tested and proven ideas.

You can follow him on his website, twitter@robertsollars2, by e-mail at, or calling 480-251-5197.

He is now the author of 3 books on preventing violence in both schools and businesses, the latest: Murder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Prevention

All three of them available, by June 25, on Amazon.

I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear


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