Draining Swamps, emptying cups, and soul searching

26 Oct


In some ways the election of the Great Trumpkin might end up being one of the best things to ever have happened to America.   He is SO rude, off-putting, indignantly pro-American, unabashed, ignorant, and obnoxious it is hard to believe anyone really listens to him.   But what he is above all is polarizing. He has people tripping all over each other trying to make their points, holding each other accountable for transgressions real or imagined, and scouring every detail of every action ad nauseam.

Hopefully that will  eventually extend to the  congress, and ultimately end up in a good old-fashioned fist fight where we finally spend our pent-up frustrations and collapse on each other much as two brothers, fighting over the last beer, in exhaustion and acceptance.  Then we will be reminded of the love that binds us in the first place, dust each other off and stroll off-hand in hand to the corner grocery to buy another 6-pack.

America is not quite to that stage yet.  We have been through the first of the “Me-too” scandles and gotten rid of a ton of marginal dead wood at the top of a few industries, and some moguls.  We are now feeling a series of racial backlash where simple ignorance is no longer an excuse.

I will admit that I was insulated from exactly how  horrific the “black face” phenomenon was, and I figured myself fairly sensitive and educated.   Meghan Kelly went way outside the lines with her comments, but evidently those words were the straw that broke the camels back.  The Fox News criticism of the LibTards really never left her.  She always tended towards a snarky side.  I am a progressively moderate person, and I find the LibTard thing embarrassing for both sides.  It would be akin to referring to those of the opposite position as RepubliPigs.

So another “professional” journalist goes the way of Howard Cosell who let slip “look at that little monkey run.”   Watch yourselves people. In this media rich environment those little “slips” are deal stoppers, but as my daddy used to say “you can’t spill what isn’t in your cup.”

Pray, meditate, and concentrate on thinking the best of each other.  Get your mind right.  There is no longer any excuse to say “I am from the South, or “That’s just the way I was raised,  Today (pun intended) is the only day we have.   Get it together.

Maybe then we can drop our fists and learn again to love and work with each other.


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