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The Ultimate Stocking-Stuffer for the Camera Buff

Never be without a “tripod” again.  The HandlePod camera stabilization system  holds your camera or video still so you get great shots without a tripod.

Every now and then, something comes along that is just a no brainer; something so sick you have to jump on it so you can show everybody how cool it is and that you got one 1st.

Just $29 with free domestic shipping at

When I first checked out HandlePod I immediately knew I had to have one.  In the first 24 hours I had the thing I was hooked.  I’ve been shooting videos and photos all my life and I’ve never seen anything that makes it so easy.  Mind you, I’m not suggesting that you can hang a D90 with a 500 MM telephoto and a battery pack off of the thing, but for lightweight SLR’s and the digital cameras most people use now days, it is perfect.

Whether it’s a simple vid from your iPhone or ‘Droid, the dreaded group shot (where someone gets bumped out to take the picture), or a low light picture of the golden gate bridge at night this thing will get it done. There are literally thousands of ways to use this little guy.

I mean who carries around a tripod, right?  Nobody.  Too bulky, funky to use, and it’s something you ever think of bringing with you when you’re out on the town anyway.

Stick a HandlePod in your glove box, purse, or bike bag, and you are covered.  When the gang breaks out in song and you just gotta have it on tape to embarrass them later, grab your H’Pod and shoot away! They will never know what hit ‘em till they see the movie on YouTube.

Take 90 seconds to check out this flick and see if you don’t agree!



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International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF)

International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF)–in partnership with TiVo and HandlePod Image Stabilization–has just launched a movie trailer competition:   “Lights! Cameraphone! Action!”

The challenge: Use a Smartphone or a tablet to create a trailer previewing a movie still in the dream stage. Editing may be done using a computer. All genres are accepted including trailers for dramas, comedies, documentaries and web series. Entries may run up to two minutes.

How do we keep the Smartphone from shaking?   The combination of Smartphone/HandlePod gives the cinematographer the ultimate in portability without sacrificing image quality.  Image quality with the HandlePod is the same as that of a tripod, without all the weight and bulk.

It also mounts virtually anywhere: Helmets, hang-gliders, skateboards, lamp posts, railings, the rear view mirror of your car… Check out the demo

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER:  HandlePod is making available 10 free units to the first qualifying artists for this project.  We only ask anyone who accepts a HandlePod to provide us with behind-the-scenes clips and/or photos that we can use for promotional purposes, and of course, a copy of the trailer.  Contact for details, and mention IMTF to receive free domestic shipping.

The Smartphone technology has sparked a communications revolution. One important example is that filmmakers are adopting this technology for making short and full-length movies. We believe that using the Cameraphone will lead to exciting innovations in movie storytelling and production. The contest seeks to promote experimentation and originality among indie moviemakers. Encouraging the use of innovative devices such as the Handlepod is one of IMTF’s key goals.

The contest has a grand prize of $3,000 plus in-kind support for making the movie represented by the trailer. The “best of the fest” trailers will be shown online and in movie theaters.

The deadline is December 31, 2012. The rules plus an online entry form and video tips may be found at…
….where there’s also a promotional video shot using a Smartphone.

About IMTF: Since 2010, the company’s competitions have drawn entries from 40 countries. Prize money has totaled $20,000. Top winners have conferred with noted producer Scott Rosenfelt (Mystic Pizza, Home Alone, etc.) You can see recent winners at

For more information, email:



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