Website and SEO

Website analysis and review:

Does your website have a direction?  Is it clear to visitors what you want them to do?  Do their eyes flow down the page to the information you want them to have and more importantly to the actions you want them to take?  Can they find the information they are looking for easily?  Are there links leading visitors away from your site or to sites that contain competitors?

We sit with you and discuss what you really want the website to do for you, and then make suggestions as to how to get that done.  We also check the major tabs and links for any errors or things that could distract the visitor from your goal.

Organic (natural) search optimization strategy:

We get daily updates of the current trends that affect your optimum chance of getting found naturally by prospects using search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We analyze how to place your keywords in strategic locations to maximize the results of organic search.  We help you sort your keywords and apply them to the major tab pages of your site, making the best use those keywords in your content.

Pay per click and paid placement ad strategy:

We will outline your options, relative costs, and benefits of paid

Advertising on the internet.

Keyword research:

Prospects find your website by looking for certain key words We find the keywords that you can compete on; the best combination of low competition and high activity. If you were a lawyer in Fort Meyers Florida you might find the following information useful:

“Immigration lawyers in Florida” is only searched for 880 times a month and has a 96% competition rating whereas the word “Lawsuit” is searched for 1,220,000 times a month and has very low competition rating of 15%.

Where would you want to put your money?

Brand creation and protection strategy:

You are your own brand.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or the SVP of Marketing for Google, you should make people aware of your personal brand and develop a presence both offline and on.  We help you establish or enhance your personal brand, and expose you to some tools to continually promote, monitor, and protect your brand integrity.

Promotional strategy:

How to get the word out? We will discuss your options and formulate the best most effective use of a full array of classical marketing and advanced in-bound marketing techniques.  From snail mail to internet videos and social media communities, we get to know what you are comfortable with.  We then expose you to some alternate or additional possibilities you might truly learn to enjoy.

Landing pages and calls-to-action:

When you have a promotion, the prospect clicks on a link and ends up on a landing page. It is literally a page of your website that contains specific instructions as to what you want them to do once they get there, ie “sign up for our newsletter” or “buy this now.”

Budget and scheduling:

We outline a course of action and relative costs and discuss how fast and far you want to move.  We then create a matrix of updates and “must do” activities to create, monitor, and maintain your presence off-line and on.  We set into motion the metrics and analytics to test and re-test your campaigns and actions to ensure the contribution you want to your bottom line.


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  1. steve hopper

    May 20, 2011 at 11:40 am

    verrr-rrry interesting


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